The Cardio-Free diet? Does it work?

  1. Just saw it on Nightline and was curious if anyone here has tried it. I don't like exercise, and if I got to choose between strength training and cardio, I'd definitely choose the former. Anyone have any more info?
  2. Never really heard of it but as a health and human performance major I would be very skepitical. It is ture that you do need to build your lean body mass and weight traning will do that. The more lean muscle you build up the more calories your body will burn without doing real work (just resting).

    I do believe though that you do need to do cardio in order to improve your fitness level. Just like they say at the end of the article
  3. There is a heated discussion of this on the Oxygen Fitness boards -

    It seems people are on opposite sides of the fence over this issue. I think moderate cardio is fine for cardiovascular health and for fat loss, and lifting weights play a very large part, as well. However, a lot of people overdo it. I remember a friend of mine in college and her two roommates went to the gym every day and did two hours of cardio :wtf: While I was splitting my hour workouts into lifting and cardio, she and her friends weren't doing any strength training and wondering why they weren't seeing results, other than being cranky and tired all the time ;)

    I think things like this "Cardio Free Diet" should be used as a tool to show people that there is no need to spend so much time doing cardio, and to incorporate it when possible. Most of the time, my sessions are 15-45 minutes long, depending on how much time I have. I rarely do 60+ minutes of cardio, I'd get bored to death :push:
  4. A combination of aerobics and weight training like they do in the Firm workouts would give better results than aerobics alone.
  5. I think a combo is the best :smile:
  6. I think that cardio is important for overall health and completely cutting it out is not a healthy thing to do.

    I also agree that a combination of both will give the best results!
  7. I have to agree with the other person, keep some form of cardio in your life at all times. It is proven though that 20-30 minutes a day is fine. Resistence training IM learning from my BF is far more effective at burning fat (calories). Cardio burns while your busting your buns while resistence training is benificial during training and while your sleeping.
  8. I don't like running either. I agree a combo is better, but I walk all day at work. If I get even 5 minutes to sit down, it's a miracle. So that's my cardio. And I lift 8lb weights every day. I might run once a week.
  9. It definitely depends on your lifestyle -- I am super hyper and walking my dogs, schlepping laundry up and down the stairs, housework, yardwork, walking to and from the parking lots and up and down stairs at school and while running errands, etc. adds up to plenty of cardio for me to stay healthy.

    Now, if I could just make sure that I had time to lift weights everyday, I am sure that I could burn of the 10 pounds of blubber that comes from a taste for good food and wine.