The car wash I go to was selling knock off GH Balenciaga bags in their gift shop!!!

  1. I was so shocked when I saw this! I was gonna take a picture but I was so disgusted that I didn't even wanna go over to it and touch it. They had a fake red city with GGH and a couple others. Can you believe this!? In a Car Wash gift shop!!!! It really makes me angry cuz the average person will think our bags are fake after we spend so much time and money on a real one. It really made me mad to see a knock off of our bags hanging next to car air freshner trees!!!! Actually it makes me mad to see a knock off of it anywhere....

  2. Ugh! That makes me want to...:throwup: Does anyone know if there's a phone number to call to report people knowingly selling fakes like this? I've known of some "purse parties" that I would love to have reported. These people make a ton of money ($300-$500 a purse) while some poor kid in China slaves away all day.
    StarBrite: can we mention which car wash? Maybe we should call and tell them it's illegal to sell fakes..
  3. Yeah sure! It's called Century West Car Wash! The phone number for the car wash is (310) 276-1297
  4. That is so gross on so many levels. If they actually say "Balenciaga" on them, then they could get into legal trouble, which they deserve. Who would one report this to? Calling the carwash itself to complain might not be the best idea. I hate fakes!!!!

    (Also, just a reminder it is WAY against tPF rules to use tPF as a platform, so if anyone does call, you must do so as an individual. Just stating this in case some don't know this and no rules are broken despite the well meaning nature!!!)
  5. Fakes are so bad, but I can't help but laugh a little that it was at a car wash of all places. Where I live they have a kiosk at the mall, which sells mostly fake LV and Chanel, but they have a big row of Bbags hanging on top, all kinds of strange colors, a lot of oranges, and metallic pinks. They look like plastic. :tdown:
  6. Just imagine someone waking up this morning-HMMMM, I'm going to get my car washed...and hopefully they'll have balenciaga bags there while I wait....where are those coupons when you need them????
    What's so funny is that's not too far from Barneys where they sell real ones!
  7. :tdown::wtf:
  8. I also saw fakes at the Bluewave Car Wash on Santa Monica and Barry--several GGH cities in black, purple and red. BOO! I used to like this car wash gift store because they have the best collection of cards. Phone for this car wash is (310) 826-3529.
  9. Oh my god really! I have been there before too! They must get the bags from the same company!!! Why on earth would they sell these fakes in a car wash of all places!!! Terrrrrible!