the capacity of roxbury drive

  1. how much stuff can the roxbury hold? say, compared to a speedy 25? it'd be great to see pictures posted ^^
  2. There are quite a bit of pics in the What's in your bag thread as well as the Roxburry CLub. I posted some of mine. It actually holds a lot but def. not as much as a Speedy 25.
  3. i feel it doesn't hold a whole lot. I'm using mine right now and I have: chanel long cambon wallet, cellphone, trunks and bags cles, 1 pen, 2 lipsgloss and compact. i tried to put my small lv make up bag in there, but it makes it too full! love it though :love:
  4. It doesn't hold that much...and you have to angle everything perfectly so that you can close it :smile:
  5. It holds enough! It holds a bit less than the Speedy 25. But, you can definately fit all your essentials and then some.
  6. I was thinking about getting the Roxbury but I was talked out of it by my SA who said that people complain that if you fill it with to much stuff it will not stay closed/snapped. I went for the Pomme Rosewood instead.
  7. ^ i'd have to second that. i had my heart set on the getting the Roxbury in amarante but then the SA showed me the Rosewood, which is considerably bigger and has a nice zipper. I really :heart: the look & style of the Roxbury but i think the whole snap thing and the fact that it's quite thin would make it difficult for me to use. but that's just me... i think the roxbury would be great if you are looking for something more of an evening bag, to just hold the essentials
  8. it was just a week ago i was very passionate about the bag.. but now i think i'm losing it because i've kinda come to my senses in realizing that i want something more practical.. i'm 19 and i don't go out to parties alot... so there are not many times when i can actually take it out... but it definitely looks gorgeous... i was wondering if it looks nice with just jeans and a more casual look..
  9. I wear my pomme rox with jeans. I also have the Amarante Rosewood and I use that one as a dressy bag. The Rosewood does hold more but not a whole lot more.
  10. I think it holds quite a bit. I have plenty of room to spare and here is what I carry: Pochette Toiletries 15, French Purse, Cles holder, Cell, Gum, Kleenex packette, Sunnies, pen, tide pen. The snaps don't open on the new ones either.

    It's alot more flexible then the Rosewood in my opinion as you can use it with the strap for day and then remove to use as a large clutch. This Strap actually stays on your shoulders too.
  11. It doesn't hold a ton of stuff, but then again, I don't use mine as an everyday bag. It's an evening/occasion bag, so when I carry it, I only take a wallet, phone, keys, and a small makeup case for a few essentials.
  12. I think it's big enough for the basic essentials. This bag looks so stunning, it's so classy and versatile at the same time.