The Canuck Club!! Celebrating sub zero weather and the bags that survive it !

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  1. thank you...I would love to see your collection...
  2. I need to search for the CD with my handbag pictures. My DH thought he would "play" with our computer one afternoon and hence he deleted all our pictures :crybaby:
  3. loooooooooooove your indigo pieces! :drool:

    everyone here has such a nice collection. :yes:
    I live in Vancouver and have a tiny collection but I love it. I want to add a Trevi at one point or a Saleya MM because it rains quite a bit here that I definitely need a rainy day bag.
  4. Hopefully this works as I have yet to post pictures on here...


    This is my collection as of August 2007. Since then I have added a couple other LV bags (but haven't taken pictures of them yet - usually do it when DH isn't home as to avoid comments about my addiction:rolleyes:).

    My newest bags include:

    Palermo GM
    Watercolour Speedy 35
    Galliera GM
    MC Wapity
    Pomme Vernis Cles
    Epi Cassis Pochette Wallet
  5. Okay, since my DH is at the gym and my DD is sleeping I quickly snapped a picture of my newest items (sorry the lightening isn't the best). I will admit that I have a terrible tendency to buy new bags and not use them for awhile (hence the plastic still on the WC speedy handles and the blue tape still on the Galliera GM).

    DH likes to joke if I will ever use my new bags or will they stay in their boxes...:confused1: but I will admit once I break them in, they are well used. My cabas piano has been through many a Vancouver rain storm (poor girl).

  6. Thank you Spinky:heart: Im really looking forward to it!:tup:
  7. Hello, Torontonian here. I consider myself lucky as I get to go to Alberta 4 to 5 times a year so I get most of my bags from there as I get to save the GST.

    As of 3 days ago, my LV dream came through after I visited the Banff's store. I have officially visited all the LV boutiques/stores in Canada: three in Toronto, one in Montreal, two in Vancouver, one in Calgary, one in Edmonton and the one in Banff.
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    Thanks sarah, LVpug, MissCrocodile and whoever commented on my photo! LOL I WISH I was the LV Queen of Canada! But there are so many ladies here with just as gorgeous collections!! Love everyone's bags!!

    MissCrocodile - I don't use my Mini Lin very often anymore because the 30 is a tad too big for me, but when I first got it last year in HK I used it non-stop for a couple of weeks, and then when I came back I took it to work non-stop for a couple of weeks, and it's held up pretty well. The only wear I can see on mine is on one of the corners where it always rubbed against the wall when I used to stash my bag away at work. The fabric turned a little white (gently wiping down with a damp cloth helped, but the fabric is still a little lighter there) and the leather is a little scraped. No biggie though.

    Sadly I won't be buying anything from PSN this year since I got my Trevi already...I might still go for the food and drinks though!!

    P.S.: Oh! And about the VIC thing, when I first purchased at my LV, I got a glimpse of the waiting list for Miroir and all the VIC's had stars beside their names...and somehow I got a star put beside mine by my SA (then, she wasn't my SA yet). I don't think I am a VIC but the manager there tells me I'm always invited to special events, he's called me when stuff like RTW comes in and I've been to a private event last's no big deal to me when it comes to being VIC but it'd be nice being one, however, I don't think I'm there yet.
  9. kookai glad you posted some pics...your collection is absolutely all your choices...and style....thanks for sharing!!!!
  10. Great to see all the collections of The Canuck Club! Ayla for PM!!
    Thanks for your response karman. The poor mini lin speedy I saw must have been used roughly everyday for years! I felt bad for the poor thing, but not the owner. Gosh, that sounds so weird!
  11. Any of our Toronto members attending the Film Festival this year?
    Jill Hennessey is supposed to come. Let's see what fabulous LV she'll be using!
  12. ^^^My son asked me if I would go see a couple of shows with him. So far though, I don't think he has done much about it. What are you planning to see?
  13. I'll be seeing 25+ films, but still deciding which ones. Have to choose by Friday, then ticket pick up on Monday. Then the Festival starts Friday the 5th. This is the 4th year I'll be taking my holidays during the Festival. It's so much fun, if a little tiring by the end!!
  14. Here are my goodies. I've moved from Alberta to Manitoba. There is no good shopping here. At least I go to Alberta quite a bit for work so I can still go to LV in Banff.

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  15. I forgot this one. I love this bag I can't believe I left it out of the group photo. I sure don't feel like dragging everything back out again for a while.

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