The Canuck Club!! Celebrating sub zero weather and the bags that survive it !

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  1. Hi there, glad to join in. Yet another tPFer from Calgary. Fairly new to this site, and enjoying everyone's posts.

    Here's some 'not so great pics' taken from my macbook photobooth.
    Photo 23.jpg

    Photo 18.jpg
  2. Karmen, amazing collection. You are the LV Queen of Canada.:woohoo:
    Solai I love your Galliera.
  3. My LV collection (kind of, with some missings!) -


    (the sheer number of bags just scares me !)


    (missing Perle PTI, MC heart.. arghhh!!!)


    (I love clesss !!!)


    (Not strictly LV.. but I love this little guy, he makes me smile!)


    (The last time I saw my heart ! :sad:)

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  4. Welcome, Solai! Is that Galliera a GM? It is big and beautiful!

    Karman- Great collection. Especially love the Mizi. May I ask how your Mini Lin Speedy is holding up? I saw one last week and it looked soooo worn and tired. Not loved and used like a mono piece, just old. I scared me (I frighten easily)

    Ayla- We're porcelian (sp?) twins, sort of. I have the square scarf of your gorgeous blue bandeau. It was my first LV scarf. I used to visit it weekly (my SA is very patient) until I realized I would really miss it when it was gone. I think it's framable, but I'm just putting it around my neck for the time being. I have the Groom cles also. He always brightens my day. Thanks for starting this Clubhouse.

    BTW- I was at the dreaded Yorkdale LV last week and they had a dentelle scarf and bag if anyone is interested.
  5. OH MY GAWDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD :wtf::drool::heart::graucho: (my emotions in order: "....", "gah....", "*heart thumping*, and "where do you live?" hahaha GREAT COLLECTION I LOVE IT ALL!
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    Here are some of my pics ...I will do a group shot soon...
    In this post I have the alma epi in ivoire, black MC MM aureilla, LH, PH and Roxy in Pomme

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    here are some more and I still have more to come

    in this thread you have pics of my speedy 30, tulum pm, Galleria Gm and LH....

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  8. I will have to take more pics because I have to add my groom pouchette wallet, mono pouchette accessoire, mono cles, rouge vernis cles, black epi alma,galleria pm and the berkley in daimer ebene....I think I got everything...I will double photo is in order.....
  9. Wow, LVpug, you have a beautiful collection! I'd love to see your Epis beside each other. Is the Damier Berkley as gorgeous IRL as it is in photos?
    And just cause I'm nosy, what Province are you from?
  10. here are the berkley and neocabby....

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  11. when I have time I will do a group shot of my is pretty much complete and I do not want to add anything...I have a hard enough time rotating what I I have other designers like prada and more handbags for me...lord knows I have enough of what you wish
  12. Fellow Torontonian here! I'm being semi-lazy: here's a messy pic of my bags... I'm only posting it here because I know fellow TPF'ers won't start screaming the word "obsession!" or making recommendations for counselling (the way my friends would). No pics of my accessories, etc. It's Sunday night, and I'm being couch-lazy. :P

    Two missing are my Damier Knightsbridge and my Cerises Speedy 25. Today a gf and I decided that my next purchase MUST be the Suhali Lockit PM in Verone. (In fact, I think she's now obsessed with one for herself after seeing it in the boutique today.)

    BTW - great SAs in Toronto? I totally agree with Cyndee on Shawna at Holts on Bloor St., as well as Tim (my personal fave). Miyoko and Naoko at the flagship are great too! Um, I don't have any recommendations for a great SA at Yorkdale because from all the posts here, I'm not sure there are any!

  13. Holy cow girls, Karoline, Karman, LV_Pug, Solai, Spinky, Sarah.. and anyone else I've missed - you've totally got some amazing collections ! :drool::drool:

    I know there's more out there though.. so get posting !!! :graucho:

    I've seriously got to focus here, I've gotten distracted by shoes and other designers (I know I know!) lately.. but focus !!!

    Anyone picking anything up on September 3 ? PSN ! :graucho:
  14. Aww.. thank you ! :heart:

    Now when are we going to see yours ? ;)
  15. I pm'd you...I will do a group shot with all my lovely bags...the berkley is stunning...I love is my only daimer bag...I have not used it much but, will start using it come this fall...

    Love everyones LV's...everyone has such nice pieces and collections...great taste all...this thread could be dangerous...more enablers...yikeessss...I am really trying to limit my collection is getting to be a bit too