The Canuck Club!! Celebrating sub zero weather and the bags that survive it !

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  1. Hi fellow Canucks!!

    I'm in Vancouver and have only shopped at LV holt Renfrew. But which location , in your opinion, has the best customer service? LV on burrard or LV holt Renfrew???? Thanks:smile:
  2. I have shopped at both and I've received better and more personalized service from the Holt Renfrew location. Whenever I go into the HR location there are a few sales associates that remember me and ask me about my daughter and how I'm enjoying my most recent purchase. I also received personal thank you emails from the last two sales associates I bought from. I'm not a huge shopper. I usually average 2 purses and 1-2 slgs or accessories per year so by no means am I a huge LV shopper but they have always treated me very well. I found that the staff at the Burrard location just weren't as warm and friendly. The only reason I may go back to the Hotel Vam location is for a Mon Mono purchase because they don't do that at the Holts location...yet!
  3. Pretty quiet in this clubhouse. Any of our fellow canadian ladies expecting any LV goodies for Xmas?

  4. Hi there!
    I bought speedy b 25 in empreinte back in October, so no additional LV for Xmas 😢. But I've been using my Emp. Speedy almost daily in this weather and I love that I don't worry about the rain staining my bag!
  5. Something from "my kids." Two more days and then I can finally start using it.

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  6. I got aurore speedy and havee been in it for 2 weeks, no issues with the cold. That was my Christmas gift to myself!
  7. Hello from the prairie province!!! Wanted to add my humble collection and say Hi to all the LVoely Canadian gals!!!

  8. Just wanted to ask you fellow Canadians about shopping in the EU. Do they mark the passport for the VAT refund? or make any marking on the passport at Chanel or LV in Europe. Thanks!
  9. No they don't in LV. Not sure at Chanel
  10. Yes, there is still snow here in Ontario, however I've been dying to use my azur speedy (shown here with the lovely Amfar).

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  11. Azur looks beautiful against the snowy background. Hope it warms up soon!