The Canuck Club!! Celebrating sub zero weather and the bags that survive it !

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  1. MissMcCrocodile I have wanted the Mezzo for a while but never get around to getting it (my true weakness is Chanel). My mom got one for my sister but she ended up exchanging it and ever since I have wanted my own.
  2. Apparently the entire store is getting a facelift and perhaps an expansion as well - not sure on that part though.
  3. Hi fellow Canadians. Torontonian here! Just like Karman, I`m too lazy to take a new pic with all my LV`s...I`ll do that someday soon.
  4. Hello fellow Canadians! I'm in Vancouver. Here's 2 of my bags that I would take in any weather:



    We don't have to worry so much about the cold here, but it rains and rains and rains and rains and rains and rains........


  5. I only heard that they are getting a Link of London. Didn`t know that they are also getting an LV. There isn`t much there, although I do go there sometimes (much more when they were the only place with an Abercrombie & Fitch)...
  6. Spinky- I love your Damier pieces. I really really need to add those beautiful brown handles to my collection.

    Cyndee- Thanks for the Sherway news, I hadn't heard. It will certainly make the West end more attractive!
  7. Maybe that's why they got rid of the baby/children's dep't there?? Well this is good news because Bloor Street is so hard for me to get to and I want to boycott Yorkdale because of their poor service - hopefully this will be done before the next price increase!
  8. I am a proud Canuck...count me in..glad to be part of the group.....
  9. Holts just got out of the babies department for good.. :Push:

    Welcome welcome my Canadian friends ! :heart:

    I'm also among the unmotivated to get my butt into gear to take an updated photo.. but hey, if I do it, will all of you ? :graucho:
  10. Greetings from Toronto! :smile: Here a some pics of my all weather bags.
    I also own the cabbas mezzo, and a black mc lodge, but even though they have a beautiful patina on them, I still try to not take them out in bad weather. :shrugs:




  11. Sarah- You have a fabulous collection. I really love your Mirage, it's No. 1 on my "regrets" list!
  12. Sarah great pieces...I should do a new group shot of my collection...
  13. ^^^TY LVpug and Miss McCrocodile. I really do love my mirage speedy. I can't wait to see everyone else's collection. :yahoo:
  14. Noppeeee!! I'm from Alberta too so I'm the first. Teehee.
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    Last edited: Aug 24, 2008
    Like I said, I'm lazy and don't want to do an updated collection pic, but here's an older pic of my collection now minus the Mini Monogram Mary Kate Besace on the top left.


    And not shown in the pic above are my newer additions:

    Azur Speedy 25 (Of course the patina is darker now, but it's a gorgeous light honey brown--love it!)


    Monogram Mizi...this has been on my wishlist since the day I found out it existed (back in 2006, when I first got into LV and joined TPF) but I never got around to it until I found a great deal for a pre-loved one...


    And the latest, the Damier Trevi PM...this is my bag for fall this year, although I usually end up using bags with vachetta during the winter anyway.


    Sooo yeah. For Calgary winter here, I would use pretty much any bag except Beverly MM, pink Trapeze PM, and Mizi. Like I said I don't mind taking my bags out even when it's raining because I use the aerosol Apple Garde which is pretty good at preventing water stains. In fact, one time, I took my PH out, got the vachetta SOAKED to the point (in freezing rain) it turned dark brown, but it dried just fine. No water spots, whatsoever. Well, there is slight darkening where the water stained the vachetta most severely, but you really have to look close and in super good lighting to be able to tell.

    More to come later...but probably not this year. I want to add the Damier Neverfull, Galliera PM, Tivoli PM to my collection in 2009, and an Epi bag for work next year.