The Canuck Club!! Celebrating sub zero weather and the bags that survive it !

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  1. Since we've got lots of national pride over in the Australian and Philippines clubs - let's show our national pride off Canadians ! Post those LV goodies bought in Canada or brought back into Canada LVs, the bags that WE consider all weather (truly can endure all elements ;)) and everything else Canadianna !

    P.S. 3 out of 7 Sub Forum Mods for Louis Vuitton are Canadians - so you know that we love our Mr. V ! :graucho:
  2. Great idea, ayla! Here are some photos of my much worn and loved LVs. I can't take credit for the extremely worn, I mean loved look of the Randonnee. I purchased it earlier in the year from a designer consignment shop. Probably 25+ years old. The big ol' Mezzo is my workhorse, only 3 years old, but looking rather mature for her young age. Speedy and Alma are familiar with rain, wind, snow, sleet and sunshine. And yes, I even take NeoCabby GM out in all weathers. Pictured here with the underrated and seldom mentioned on tPF- the Drouot. WC Papillon and Pomme Brentwood are babied a bit more than the tough Monos! Let's see some more Canada!:yes:

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  3. Hi Ayla and MissMcCrocodile! I'm from BC, where we only really have to worry about rain, but I'm moving to ON for school so I may need some sub zero weather bag education! I'm only planning to take a few of my bags with me - I was thinking Nimbus, a Miu Miu and maybe Cabby, if I have room. What do you think? I'm sad to leave the others behind but I don't think I will get to use them much.
  4. yeah !!!! I have to download my pictures !!!! This is great !
  5. Thanks Ayla, for starting the group. LV is perfect for Canada's weather, especially Damier.

    I only have modest collection of LV, but still I enjoy and love them.
  6. Lol, can other that partially live sub zero participate as well or is this exclusive club reserved for canadians and canadiennes?

    Personally I hate using the canvas bags when it gets too cold, it stiffens so much it seems dangerous to use.
  7. woo hoo! love this club. I'll post an updated picture of my collection once a few new pieces arrive :graucho:
  8. I'm in! Vancouver weather really sucks! I mean, it's the middle of August, and already, I feel like it's October with the rain, rain, and more RAIN!

    Sigh...wanting something in damier ebene right now...don't know if I can wait til October for the Tate! =(
  9. Well hellooo there fellow Canadians...I would post a photo of my updated collection but I'm FAR too lazy!
  10. Hello fellow Canucks - I am in Toronto, ON - well Mississauga actually and the majority of my collection is purchased from here other than my speedy 25 which was from Las Vegas and my damier papillon which was from Maui.
    People in T.O - do you have a favourite SA at the boutique??
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    ^ absolutely! Go see Shawna at the Holt's Bloor location. Tell her Cyndee sent you and she'll take really good care of you! Do you know that Sherway Holt's is getting an LV counter next year?! Great news for those of us coming from the west.

    I'm in Kitchener Ont.

    I've always been amazed at how many Canadian members there are in the LV forum.
  12. I'm the first one in from Alberta!!!!!! I'll post my pics once the kids are in school and I have time to organize my closet! You don't want to see my mess!
  13. ^^ Yay for Albertans!! I'm from Edmonton. I have a modest but growing collection of LV, but will try to post pics when I can.
  14. I know I heard about the LV counter at Sherway - an SA from the Bloor Street LV store told me this - great news for us - very bad new for my bank account!!
    I wonder where they will put the counter - that HR is so small to begin with...
  15. Hi everyone!! I am from BC (Victoria)...and I have a few LVs to post pics of. I will take some pics on my laptop and post them (I am way to incompetent to take them on my camera then upload them).

    I was going to school in Ontario and went to Sherway alot. VERY jealous to hear that an LV counter in going into the Holts there