The Canal Street monstrosity.......

  1. …:: takes a deep breath :: My darling soon-to be sister in-law Becky just returned from a trip to New York , where they had a much deserved good time and even took my step son and his sister who have never seen the city, a great trip and a wonderful experience, hooray right ? Shopping and sight seeing, a fantastic cultural Mecca, not to mention the singular place I spent most likely the down payment for a home on 5th avenue …. Ahhh fond memories.:love: She very proudly came is last night with a new handbag dangling from her arm ….a Theda GM …. In denim ….with fantastic.. “Crocodile leather" RED handles….
    She was so proud and so very very happy to come into my house to show the “crazy girl who spends too much money on hand bags” her new $47 purchase …..Ooooy vey. Girls lemme tell ya … that denim was …. Sexy …:yucky: a nice shade of stiff bright indigo with the blurry monograms stamped on in BRIGHT white that looked like it was just bleached on the fabric, while the … shiny plastic hardware was GLISTINING in the dimly lit kitchen …. Thank god it was dimly lit……can I have a collective “EEEEEEWWWWWW”?.:sick: Now she’s a real dear we are great buddies she loves fashion but hates to spend, thinking that 47 bucks is large sum to spend on a bag. It’s just a different mind-set, I am not judging here believe me. The kicker? She was Happy to have bought a Canal Street original, and actually looked for a place to buy it! She wanted me to give my opinion, I thought instead of hurting her feelings and insulting her purchase, I brought out my precious little Pleaty and tried to show her what the hand- loomed denim looks like with the monograms embossed and woven into the fabric…..She then really said to me … well I can’t really tell the difference ..::: GASP::: :blink: I adore her.. But ….HOW CAN YOU NOT TELL THE DIFFERENCE!!!!! I mean c’mon it’s like A Van Gogh vs the Velvet Elvis or dogs playing poker....I also tried to gingerly approach the fact that those counterfeits are made with child labor in deplorable conditions, her answer to that was... “Well so are the real ones”…: le sigh::sad: I gave her one of my articles about the counterfeit industry from Harper’s Bazaar. Some people, I suppose really don’t care about the art of high fashion, or the joy of owning an authentic designer hand bag, fantastic pair of shoes or an amazing ensemble. I gave her my usual rant titled: “why not just buy a bag in the price range that you are willing to spend, nothing wrong with a cute little Ralph Lauren bag, those can be found for sometimes $20… I have several my self , not everything I own costs above $500, why buy a fake designer nock off???”.......Heaven Help me if I get a FAKE birthday present …….I think I might vomit on it.

    The lesson to be learned here….the term “Bargain Shopper” Can sometimes mean “Tasteless Shopper” …… Sorry Becky…but ewwwwwww.... :sick: :sick:
  2. There will always be people who will buy fake bags and always be people who would never! Thank God your one of the never's!!!!!
  3. I dont think I could look at my self in the morning if i bought a fake
  4. eeeewwww fakes! When I was a kid I used to buy on Yonge Street in Toronto (lots of knock off stands) because I couldn't really afford the latest/greatest "authentic" fashion craze...but never again!
    I remember a friend of mine came back from Hong Kong with a fake LV MC speedy that she bought for $100...2 weeks later she got rid of it...she said it was embarrassing and she was just going to go buy the real thing.
    I think some people are tempted to buy the fake because they only care about the name (not the quality)...but sometimes they revert to the original once they realize the garbage they bought.
  5. Sometimes Canal street doesn't carry only knockoff bags...sometimes they have just regular bags (that don't look like any brand in particular). But I guess you can say a majority of it are knockoffs. But the quality of leather is very questionable, if it's even leather....... could be pleather... LOL :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  6. I'm just a design snob i guess, I just hate the fake stuff out there... it's just .. gross
  7. oh I can beat that one -

    my family and friends always go to NYC or Europe and think they have hit the jackpot with horrible knockoff bags and they don't know any difference, so they get them for me as 'souvenires'. I have a collection of them somewhere deep in my closet. one day I will take pics and show you - you will NOT believe your eyes on how bad they are - trust me LOL!!!

    the thing is that I can't throw them away because I just know that one day my aunt or son or someone is going to ask me where my bag is that they got and what will i say???

  8. hahaha... similar experience! my dad and brother went to bali last summer and knowing my "tastes" they came back with tons of designer bags. FAKE designer bags.

    we're talking HOT PINK fendi logo with bright gold hardware, balenciaga caramel city, graffiti LV mini alma, CD denim saddle bag, CD girly saddle bag... I have NO IDEA what to do with them! I cant sell them- I cant wear them- I cant throw them away-

    WHAT DO I DO WITH THEM?!?!?!!?

    ugh. :sick:
  9. LoL ..:lol: what do you do with things like that ? Maybe a bonfire ?
  10. re-gift it and give it to someone you don't like.:devil: It's all about recycling, and it is better than throwing it away or selling it.. Just kidding LOL
  11. How terrible! How could she not tell the difference? Maybe she was blinded by the glistening plastic hardware.
  12. Well, I say live and let live. Would I carry a replica proudly no! But not everyone is like me.
  13. I would love to see what kinds of monstrosities you've received. It would be good for a chuckle.
    My mom said she saw a LV wallet in a thrift shop. She didn't buy it, but after seeing my wallet she said she wished she had grabbed it for me. I told her that if it turned out to be fake, it would be a waste of money and I wouldn't want to carry it. She seemed sort of baffled by that statement. :amazed:
  14. My mom bought a fake when she was in NYC visiting me once. My dad and I made so much fun of her she ended up throwing it away.
  15. Plastic hardware? Hahahaha! I swear some people are just about the "LV" logo and nothing else. Maybe get her a real pochette or something small for her birthday? I really do believe that if everyone would just realize it's the materials and craftsmanship that make LV so great they wouldn't buy fakes. A ralph lauren bag would last years beyond a super-cheap canal st. fake!