1. white costume ring.. does anyone have a ballpark figure? Sorry if this is the wrong spot! Not sure which forum this thread would be classifed as. TIA:flowers:
  2. Apparently it varies between stores.. In Beverly Hills, $2300, in South Coast, $2850.:smile:
  3. there's SO many actually. They start as low as $150.
    I got to NM one dya too late, my SA told me they sold all 6 they got in in one day. SHe said it was because they're price point {$150} was so low.
    I tried on a $27k one in Beverly Hills on Fri:drool:
  4. $27K, OMG SMo3! Hope you continue to enjoy your trip!
  5. $150! I gotta check these out!
  6. No, the price should all be the same, but there are 2 different sizes in the fine jewelry dept. That's why you got those 2 different prices, I bought the smaller one, which is about $2300 before tax and I got mine from South Coast.
  7. any pics? I would love to see what it looks like:flowers:
  8. very pretty! thank you for the pic I have yet to see this ring in the boutique.:yes:
  9. Thanks all for helping me! Swanky, what did the 150 one look like? If I call the boutique can I pick it up there or have it sent or do I call NM? :shame: I've only been to the Chanel Outlet LOL.:angel:
  10. I didn't even get to see it! :sad:
    I went in to visit Shannon and always try this fab peral filigree ring on and she told me about them! I was SO bummed!
  11. Oh, the one I tried on for $27k had a 1.3 carat diamond in the center. . . . it also had black diamonds, it was GORJ!!!
  12. Was the $150 ring from this season?? Because i think I have seen pictures of a plastic camelia ring from a couple years ago.
  13. ^I'm guessing it was since she had just received 6 of them, they were in the same case w/ all the new Camelia goods.
  14. Okay thanks swank! I'll call around.
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