The Cambon Line

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  1. is any of it still available ?
    i really want a black on white wallet
    and white on black flats
    but i havent been to the store in forever bc its such a hassle
    and i was just wondering if anyone knew if the cambon was completely gone
    thank you so much :yes:
  2. The cambon are mostly avaliable in the black with black patent CC.

    I recently saw one flat shopping tote in black with white CC at my NM but it was sold as soon as someone took it out of the stockroom.

    The pink and beige are very rare to find if not completely gone.
  3. I love the Cambon line I have yet to get a hold of one I really want a pouchette in black w/ white CC's!!!
  4. dangg i really want a white wallet if its even available how much does it retail for ?

    heres an example of the one i want

    chanel wallet.JPG

  5. black on white is going to be very, very hard to find. that color was quite difficult to find to begin with so it's going to be even harder to find now.

    that wallet pictured is fake but a similar one is around $565 I believe.
  6. :yes: I'm fairly new to this site. but I own the cambon line wallet. It's beautiful. I got the black one with the patent black cc's. This one is awesome because it has hot pink inside with plenty of credit card space, and also a change holder, retail $600.00. I also have the purse with the flap over. black with the white CC'c love it! this is my favorite everday bag.
  7. Right, as Jen pointed out the one you have pictured is fake, but the authentic one's in white with black are completely sold out. The black patent on black are beautiful. They have the most fabulous fuchsia pink interior. You should check them out.
  8. oh i dont know if thats a wallet i just like the black on white
    could it be an agenda?
    or is it just fake all together ?

  9. There is one at the Saks in Portland, OR! =) I saw it there on Saturday :yes:
  10. fake all together.

    the wallet your looking to get retails for $575.00
  11. thank you so much for all of your help !!
    you girls are the greatest
  12. oh and does anyone actually have a pic of the similar wallet
    since that one is fake id like to know what a real one looks like
  13. Wow I want that black Cambon wallet...
  14. Thanks!! DO you know the retail on that bag? :flowers: