The Cambon Club...are you in?????

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  1. Who's got a bag(s) from the Cambon line???? Join the Cambon club by posting the name(s) of your bag(s) and pics if you have them (either of a bag alone or with you!). Where did you buy it/them???? Did you get it/them on sale????

    I have two Cambon bags - a pochette and a medium tote (both in pink with black CC). Got them at NM on sale! I'll post pics a little later!
  2. i'm a member! i have the small tote in black/black, got it on sale at NM

    camobon tote.jpg
  3. I'd love to be a member... Cambon Flap Tote from Saks in Phoenix

    P.S. Also have a black/white Cambon wallet
  4. I'm a member. Medium pink tote.
  5. me!

    1. beige/black bowler from the HI "promotion"
    2. black/white bowler (not on sale) from the same HI boutique

    Haha, I loveee the bowler shape, can you tell? :amuse: I had the black/black bowler (thanks Melinda!) but returned it because I liked the contrast of the black/white.

    Now I'm debating a pink/black bowler :love:
  6. Member!

    I have a:

    Black and Brown reporter
    Brown Wallet
    Overnight Bag
  7. I'm a member!!! :amuse: please find pic attached!

    Black Cambon with white cc's bowler/bowling - still can never remember what its called.

    I got her just as the Marketplace closed down a couple of months ago.

    I guess you could say i got her on sale... i didnt pay retail as there is NO CHANEL store here in NZ!

    I love her lots!!! :love:
  8. I have a beige/black Reporter. Would love to own the black/white or black/black Bowler someday.
    ChanelArm.JPG ChanelShoulder2.JPG
  9. Count me in!
    I have four..

    1. pink medium tote
    2. black medium tote
    3. beige large tote
    4. pink bi-fold wallet

    But I'm "graduating" to the 2.55's now:rolleyes:
  10. Nice bags, ladies!!!!!! Love all of them!
  11. I have a black/white bowler like my girl Jen!!!
  12. I've got a black on black medium Cambon...I love it!

  13. Count me in too ... I have two Cambon pieces. I bought the black bowler in April 2004 from Chanel Vancouver. Since I received so many compliments on it, I had to buy another Cambon and bought a beige medium tote in July of that same year from Chanel Calgary. I am hoping to snag another Cambon bag when we go to LA next month ... pls let there be some Cambon bags left on sale!
  14. I only have one.
    chanel cambon.jpg
  15. I have the medium tote in Black =)
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