the call came from inside the house! Husband calls from inside BalNY!!

  1. I have the greatest husband in the world!!!

    so im working all weekend,, third weekend in a row.. and my husband feels terrible for me, and its our anniversary to boot, so he goes onto my home computer and goes into my internet histories.. and reads all my purse forum chats!!!!

    then,,, he extracts Kims name from BalNY, and figures out which bag i am thinking about,, and gets in a cab and calls me!!

    He says,, "guess where i am and with whom?" I played dumb for a second, like, "Kim who?" Hes like "drop the act, i read the purse forum!"
    wow, thats deep.

    So, husband and Kim pick out a beautiful soft squishy black work bag... and wrap it up for me!!!

    then... surprise! inside is a rouge vive money!!

    and, he also found out about my hidden magenta weekender from reading in the forum, and did not even get mad!!

    gosh..... i am the luckiest women in the world!!

    but he said, no more sneaking bags into the house...

    he wants the thrill of buying them himself!

    hi honey! are you reading this?? love you!!

    t:heart: :heart: :heart:
  2. Wooooooooooooooow !!!
    Lovely story:love: !!!!

    Lucky Girl with adorable husband !!!

    Congrats for your Black Work and Rouge Vif money:yahoo: !!!

    Any pics:nuts: ????
  3. awww.. how sweet!! ^_^
  4. that is so incredibly sweet! you're a lucky girl in more ways than one...congrats!! :smile:
  5. D - that is such the sweetest story! :love:
    Happy Anniversary! And a big "Congrats" on your lovely new bag and wallet! :yahoo: :yahoo:
    Please post some pics when you get a chance...
  6. AWWWW!!! I just read that out loud to my husband!!!! I'm hoping he'll do the same!:lol: That is very thoughtful!!!:tender: Most men would never think to do that!!! He's definitely a keeper!!! Pictures please and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!:drinkup:
  7. Wow what a wonderful husband! Congrats!:yahoo:
  8. verry cool!!:supacool:pix plse!
  9. omg... that is so cute! and you didnt even have to buy kneepads! *sniff sniff* What an awesome hubby you have!
  10. hi cate22!

    thank you so much! i will definitely post some pics when i get the chance.. up to my eyeballs with retouching.. all my clients are going on vacation so its a mad scramble to finish before everyone leaves!

    i am still in shock... cant believe he read into the forum!
    he said .. the way you girls can find handbags... i am sure you could find Bin laden if you all put your minds to it!

    the work bag is amazing... so smooth and soft and thick!! i think it might be my favorite size too! and the wallet... so pretty! He picked the red as he thought it would be easy to see inside a deep bag.. He so smart. love him to death!!! So he told me to put the new bag right on my desk, and when i feel bad about working, just to steal a glance at it for inspiriation!
  11. OMG toni..... what a lovely story - you lucky girl :heart: :tender: :love: !!!! CONGRATS to your new black work and the rouge vif money ... but also to YOUR awesome husband :flowers: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY :love: :yahoo: and 'thank you' for sharing this nice story ! Can't wait to see some pics ;)
  12. Okay, that does it... my husband's defective and I want a refund...

    But congrats to you, toni!! Great story!
  13. Congrats!!! What a thoughtful man. You are a lucky lady. Clearly, he must feel damn lucky to have you too.

    Enjoy your new bag and wallet.

    Happy anniversary to both of you!

    Toni's DH -- if you are reading this, you have great taste!
  14. what a wonderful husband you have! congrats!
  15. Wow...what a great story! Congrats on the new bags :yahoo: and Happy Anniversary to you both!