The Calf Wallet: Brand New & How It Wears

  1. I had been looking for a small compact wallet that fits bills without the need to fold them. I used to have a nappa french wallet and will like to try calf this round. After being told that it was not available for my country, I ordered it online and it arrived today. I like the subtle BV touch in the way that the clasp is designed. It looked gold in my pictures but irl, it leans towards burnished copper. Very beautiful. I thought the clasp might be weighty but honestly, I can hardly feel its presence. It is that lightweight. I will be updating this thread over time to share how calf leather wears.
    PicsArt_04-30-03.37.00.jpg PicsArt_04-30-03.37.42.jpg PicsArt_04-30-03.38.40.jpg PicsArt_04-30-03.39.30.jpg PicsArt_04-30-03.40.32.jpg
  2. I love the buckle detail.
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  3. I love the subtle BV touch! Congrats and enjoy!
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  4. Beautiful!
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  5. Me too.
    Thank you. I trust it will serve my needs well.
    Indeed! Very simple in terms of design but somehow, I really like it.
  6. great piece!! :tup: looks very nice
    congrats and enjoy!!
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  7. Thank you! I had been eyeing it for a long time. Just browsed and saw it is now available in Moss Green and a dark blue. Thank goodness I bought the black first otherwise I will be swayed by Moss Green.
  8. i totally feel you!! :biggrin:
    thank god on my last i was pretty confident, i knew what i wanted, otherwise i'd be torn in pieces between all lovely BV colours!! (i got China Red french purse)
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  9. BV colours are so hard to resist. I saw another China Red nappa small wallet at the boutique and was truly smitten with it. Such a beautiful red. My options for this calf wallet was a tan brown and steel. I like steel as well but figure black will stand the test of time better so black it is. I just realised this is my first BV in Nero!
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  10. It's very pretty. The simplicity is divine. I'm looking forward to seeing how it wears. Do you know if it will develop a sheen over time?

    My very first wallet was a Coach buffalo coin wallet in British tan. I paid $56 for it in 1984. I stlll have it and it has the most gorgeous sheen to it. DH now uses it to store coin in his car.
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  11. This is so elegant--understated but classy. Enjoy it.
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  12. Congrats :flowers:
    It has a pretty sheen to it and although small, it's definitely designed to be functional.
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  13. It looks so simple but beautiful! I would love to see how it turns out as my Nappa French flap deforms after a while (likely because of the soft leather) so a tough leather is what I would target for my next wallet. Thank you so much for sharing!
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  14. I am curious with how it wears too and hope by starting this thread, others whom are keen in it can have an idea. I only read from PF that it seems more hardy than nappa.

    {*thank you BV_LC_poodle, your post on calf wallets was the only one I found}

    I used to have a Longchamp bucket bag in calf. I found it was quite resistant to scratches and yes, I did see a sheen starting to develop. It will be nice if this wallet does the same.
  15. Thank you. I share your thoughts. The metal clasp definitely elevated the look.

    Yes! Small and functional was my criteria. This one is so compact, I think it is perfect for pillow and clutch owners.
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