The C String?!

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  1. Looks scary!!! LOL. I can't even wear a regular thong. I feel like I have a wedgie all the time :sweatdrop:
  2. That can't possibly be sanitary. E. coli party time!
  3. Speechless. I did not have to see that on a person, thank you.
  4. that article was very entertaining to read but the visuals and just the thought is killing my head
  5. omg how do you wash that? and what if you sit in one of those really low couches - will it just jut into your back?
  6. I would never....


    I think I will stick with my thongs.
  7. OMG that poor model...
  8. i would rather have pant lines than wear a g string. it gives me a permanent wedgie which is soo annoying!
  9. Ok, seriously? It looks absolutely tortuous!!!:wtf:
  10. ahahahahah!!! Thanks for the laugh!! :roflmfao:
  11. seriously, folks, just go commando. less laundry, plus you don't have to wear THAT.

    PLUS, at some point during the night, you get to seductively whisper to your date about your lack of panties, which will most assuredly get you laid.
  12. I can't believe someone would rather wear THAT than not wear anything at all!! I'd rather wear nothing than have to worry about going to a fancy party, wearing a dress or skirt and havng my "c-string" fall off LOL!!
  13. :roflmfao:

    Ditto on going commando! :P
  14. This looks seriously uncomfortable!