The BV French Flap Wallet?

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  1. A question: does anyone own the BV French Flap wallet in this size? It's their largest size French Flap (4.7 x 4.3), with 8 card slots, and the only one that comes in a variety of colors.

    If you own it, do you like it? Does it stay in good shape for a long time, or does the intrecciato loosen from being bumped around in a handbag?

    I'm considering asking my husband for it, as my birthday present. My birthday isn't until December 25, but… hey… a girl has to plan, right? ;)

    Would love to see pictures of your wallets!
  2. Copying india's post from the other thread, since it would be out of order if I just moved it...

    indiaink said:

    I think this post deserves its own thread - FYI.

    I own two French Flap wallets - I just recently bought a like-new (if not new!) FFW in the most glorious yellow Ostrich - my first time with a FFW since I was a teenager, lo those many decades ago, and it is now my forever Spring/Summer wallet I liked the size and the placement of the card slots and the pockets behind those slots and the bill area (oh, all of it!) so well I immediately bought it in Nero Intrecciato for Fall/Winter and I've got it safely tucked away (yeah, like BV's gonna quit making them any time soon).

    I almost immediately sold my more rectangular BV 3/4 zip wallet, and man, that was hard to do - it had previously been my Forever wallet.

    I can tell you this: I have read of nobody having any issues with their small (or large) Intrecciato leather goods being harmed by bouncing around the inside of their bag, their coat pocket, or their car seat (maybe even on the sled behind the sled-dog; hey, lady mushers have BV too, I'm certain!). I have a Intrecciato card case that gets tossed around regularly and no issues. If you are able to spend some time on the BV web site (or just here) reading about how BV creates the Intrecciato you'll come to understand that there's really no way for it to loosen - the only thing that breaks it is if a piece is cut or torn.

    Only concern would be: Light-colored wallets will show dirt sooner than darker colored wallets (one MUST use one's digits to unsnap that snap ... :biggrin: ... said digits can look clean but usually aren't and over time the snap piece will be uniquely yours).
  3. Thanks, J! :heart:
  4. I cannot get the original link to work. Elaine , please post a jpeg example. Thanks!
  5. Sorry, jburgh… here are pix of the FRAISE INTRECCIATO NAPPA FRENCH FLAP WALLET.
    The web site lists the price as $620. Height =4.7, Width =4.3; Composition= lambskin & brass. It comes in a variety of colors… I just happen to love the Fraise. :smile:

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  6. I have this model. It is pre-2007, but don't recall the year.
    In has held up wonderfully, however, it is definitely softer and the flap has stretched, so when I close it, it is no longer tight. I'm not concerned about things falling out of the wallet because of this, though, since the card slots are still tight (and I don't double up).
  7. This color is so gorgeous - yet another BV thing to pine for ... You know "Fraise" is 'strawberry', yes ...

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  8. I've just bought this wallet in Tangerine (thanks L!) and it's coming tomorrow. I have the taller but not as wide continental and I have enjoyed using that. I like the proportions of the French flap and am excited about using it. I'll post some pics when it arrives with my stuff in it.

    I think my only hesitation about it is the two compartments in the coin area. For a smaller wallet, why split it? India, thoughts on this?
  9. I'm not, as yet, using that area, as I have a tee-niney little BV coin purse that I use. I may eventually use it for something, but right now - not used in my case.
  10. You know, grietje, I wondered about this myself. Quarters on one side, everything else on the other? But then, is that a little fussy?

    I'd be interested to hear from others how the divided coin compartment works for them!
  11. Does BV still sell that coin purse? It sounds DARLING! I've been a little worried that too many coins would stretch out the wallet.
  12. Sadly, they don't.
  13. Oh sh** that's funny!

    Speaking of fussy, India has a SEPARATE coin holder. My my, aren't we fancy! Whatcha do when you change and bills back? (You can smack me now. I've been writing all day and am happy to have completed a milestone but might be a bit punchy.)

    I have the key case that I use for cards. It'd be a cute coin holder. (Don't scream but I cut the key part out so it's just a case. I'll never sell it [it's Violet and so friggin' cute] so I figured why not make it perfect for me?!)
  14. Oh :P.

    I so rarely carry actual money. I always get crazy compliments when I whip out my little coin purse. It holds a ton of change.

    OMG - Griet - we are indeed sisters from another mister - I cut the key chain off my little coin purse because I'd never use that part of it and the chain was driving me nuts.

    This is what mine looks like (only mine has no chain)

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  15. Oh, india, that is so totally adorable I can't STAND it!