The BV Fall Catalog...

  1. Brings people together!!

    I ended up with two, one given to me by my favorite SA at the SF BV (you run a good store, Samuel!) and one that arrived in the mail last week. I run a bed and breakfast and decided to leave one out with my displayed magazines. It ended up being a hit with the three couples staying with me yesterday. We all sat around the dining room drinking wine and talking about BV. While two of the men sat there groaning the whole time, the other was entranced by the selection of men shoes. The women were drooling, although only one of them had heard of BV. I passed around my ebano Veneta and parma accessories for everyone to feel (and invited them to sniff as well :graucho:). I think I made some true converts and won't be surprised if one or more of them ends up purchasing something.

    Just thought I'd share my fun evening! Also, if anyone needs my other catalog, pm me and I'd be happy to send it along!
  2. That sounds like a fun evening, you should be appointed official BV missionary ;).
  3. How fun!!!

    I'm glad your extra copy of the catalogue went to such fab use! :yes:
  4. I got mine last week too and hubby was trying to pronouce bottega veneta and he sounded like BOO-TE-GE silly!
  5. ^ I still forget sometimes and call it Van-nee-tah. My SA said it was cute...I know he was thinking how lame it was but he made me feel better nonetheless!
  6. Lucky ladies to have such fun BV experience!! I brought mine to my vacation with me last week and browse through it many many times.

    Off topic, but doubtfulguest, I came across a book "The Doubtful Guest" by Edward Gorey while on vacation and thought about you, then I saw your avatar!! I never knew about this book and it's quite intrigueing. Thanks for introducing a new (to me) book!!:flowers:
  7. That's a great story! I don't have a B&B, but in our guest rooms I save nice magazines and catalogs for friends and family to look at during their quiet times, if they wish.
  8. Haha! Yay! I am a E. G. collector and that is my favorite of his stories. My avatar is actually a tattoo on my shoulder. I'm happy to have spread some E. G. love (not to mention BV!)
  9. I've noticed quite a few people picking it up. It almost seemed like a coffee table book to me. I'm a sucker for that sort of advertising and figured other people may be, too
  10. that's an interesting story! Love it when more people learn about BV!
  11. Wow, I was wondering if that's a tattoo..., and it is, yours!!! a die hard fan you must be.:tup:

  12. Gorgeous tattoo doubtfulguest

    I got my catalog over a week ago and have been so busy with work I haven't had time to view it yet! I had to check in here first LOL
  13. Thanks for the tattoo :tup::tup:, guys!

    As for the actual topic, I keep seeing things I missed as people talk about what they like here. I love to see what designs people are most interested in...
  14. I didn't receive my copy of the catalog. It was delivered to my work place and I'm on maternity leave for another 7 weeks. But, Ana comes through again, she sent me another copy to my home. I can't wait to get it. I've never anticipated a catalog so much.
  15. That's a great story, tnx for sharing it with us! I think people can't resist being drawn to quality. BV is so classic/timeless that it even though some people would never pay to own something BV, they can still admire it.