The BV Camp Bed lovers thread! Post pics and discuss

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  1. OK, perhaps this thread is a little "tongue in cheek," but we do have to recognize that BV can adapt it's wonderful weave and materials to even the most unlikely items, yes?

    So here is the place to post catalog pics, spy pics, and discuss this item that has captured our imaginations.



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  2. Jburgh, you rock!!! I want that so bad!!!
  3. What I want to know is can you really lie on it? Is the Camp Bed comfortable? How sturdy is this Camp Bed? Anyone up to visiting the NYC boutique to find out?
  4. If I had that I wouldn't let anyone else come near it!
  5. Wow, you are fast! What color would you get? I would like Ebano. ;)
  6. Ha ha, I was thinking the same thing. I would worry it might stretch out if sat on a lot. If I got one, I'd get nero or ebano because they would work best in my house.

    I want their woven pillows so much!! I just can't do it, knowing what my dogs might do to them. Plus I'm sure a grouping of BV pillows would be more expensive than my couches. :P
  7. Definitely very nice, but for the price, I think I would splurge on a Birdie.
  8. I want it!!!!!!!!!

  9. Definitely ebano and yes, I was quick on the draw this morning!

    Who cares if it's comfortable. Can you imagine the smell and just the look of it is beyond stunning. It would look great at the foot of a bed as a bench or in a living room. My DH even likes it. MUST WIN LOTTERY!!

    Although, I could easily get a mental image of Robert Redford stretched out on one as in Out of Africa.
  10. That would be like the PERFECT napping spot, now wouldn't it?:sleepy:
  11. With or without Robert Redford??? LOL
  12. That's how I want to go camping!
  13. Does it come with air-mattress?
    So i could sleep on the side while studying the gorgeous woven...:biggrin:
  14. You mean with Robert Redford?!? I'm there!!
  15. That's awesome!

    I just realized that I am sitting on a leather woven chair while I'm typing this.
    It's not BV, unfortunately.

    One draw back about a woven chair is that it slouches just like woven bags do.
    But it doesn't look good when it's a chair. It looks sagging.

    I am sure that would happen to BV bed to unless you only look at it : )