The Buyer may have cut their own throat

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  1. #1 Sep 13, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2010
    I sold a previously owned Dooney & Bourke Vinyl Make Up Bag auction style starting at $1 on eBay offered First Class Mail shipping & handling for $3.00 and the item sold for $34. During that time there was a death in my family and when she asked for the mailing info I advised I would supply it the next day as I had to have my brother mail it under the circumstances.

    The Buyer received it, it wasnt what she thought (didnt think it would be as it was only $15 new/possible Buyers remorse) and I accepted it back no questions asked. It has been approximately 2 weeks and I have not recived it. I ask the Buyer to describe the package or does she have a copy of the receipt or a tracking number so I can contact the post office on this end and she advises she taped the same envelope closed, puts return to sender on it and drops it off at the Post Office. So there is no proof of mailing, not even a receipt. I still offered to contact the Post Office and advise if it did not turn up that maybe we could come to a favorable agreement for everyone and she did not respond.

    Instead she filed a claim with eBay stating the info listed above and adds that the Seller seems unorganized due to a death in her family, they freeze my paypal funds in that amount and I agree again to refund her money when the item is received. eBay advised that I do not have an obligation to her if I do not receive the item and she has no proof of mailing and in 7 days they will make a decision.

    My package made it, but im the unorganized one. I feel bad about the whole thing but don't want to be scammed. I was attempting to be accomodating but it backfired on me as everyday I get these awful emails from her.

    I wish the freakin package would just show up! Advise please.......
  2. Just refund if you get it back.

    If you don't, do nothing and ignore, as ebay has advised you that you have no obligation.
  3. Yes, if it arrives...refund. If it doesn't ...don't.

    It might take months to get back to you with return to sender on it !
  4. refund when you get back the package as ebay instructed and, as hard as it might be, ignore her messages (although i would keep them just in case)
    as it was your responsibility to get the item to her it was hers to get the item back to you, it isn't your fault if it she didn't use tracking.
  5. It will probably take 2 weeks to get back because of the way she returned it. It's super slow that way, so this will probably work in your favor. If you get it and ebay has already decided in your favor, send it back to!
  6. lol!

    yeah I think ebay will find it in your favour.
    She was the one to send it back to you without tracking so it's her fault.
  7. also OP if shes emailing you via ebay , you can report her nasty emails to ebay :smile:
  8. I asked someone at the post office about "return to sender" once, and he told me that if the package is opened, "return to sender" is not an option. That's only for unopened packages/letters. So I think the package is going back to her.
  9. You are correct. Return to Sender is only if the package is unopened.
  10. yep return to sender will go back to her since she opened's only an option if she didnt open the package...sooo looks like she will get it back and have to actually pay to send it back to you the proper way
  11. Yes she has been sending them via eBay...thanks
  12. Report all the nasty messages to ebay for harassment.
  13. The package will go back to the buyer, as stated above by others return to sender doesn't work if she opened it and retaped it. She will get the package back, actually more likely than not she would have gotten it back the next day, as soon as it reached the sorting center it would have gone right back to her. She was just trying to get out of paying return shipping, I wouldnt worry about it since she cant prove she returned it you should be ok with ebay and get your money back.
  14. I don't really believe her. You are way to accomodating. Don't stress it, you have enough on your mind. If it ever shows up credit her back. Otherwise refer her to Paypal. They have to back you if she cannot support her return with tracking info.