The Busting Hermes Photo Thieves Thread

  1. I believe we have another stolen photo auction, I will post details when I hear from Sandia.....

    I have sent sandia a message, but in the meantime, here again are the instructions on how to bust these photo theives....

    Maybe we can post other photo thieves here, so members can bust em???

  2. Here is another post on this, we have busted this guy, twice, but I do want to put it here for the record. Since some of the auctions disappear in time, I think its a good idea to have an archive so when we report to ebay, if there is a history we can have more in this case below...

  3. I am getting a little confused with all the quotes and various links (what can I say, I'm blonde, LOL)
    Can you give me the actual current auction numbers for the stolen photos guy?
  4. when it gets pulled there is no trace of the auction anymore. I think this is a great idea!!!
  5. Here is the CURRENT stolen photos auction. Sandia emailed me this AM and said it was indeed one of her completed auctions, but from over 90 days ago. So she has to find the number. But this seller definitely stole from her....

    Here is the auction number in case they try it again, we will have a record of this occurence as well
    I have attached the photo too....

    SandiaExchange also said she will be personalizing (I presume watermarking) her photos from now on.
    gold stolen birkin.jpg
  6. I read "Busting Hermes" as "Busty Hermes" (I must be in overload this afternoon) and wondered whether it was about Barenia again...

    Thank you CobaltBlu. I agree with HK. This is a great idea.

  7. Hi Cyn!! My post number 2 in this thread is just to have a record. That seller, hottest fashions, stole sandias pics--fortunately during the time when her auction was still showing in the completed listings. We got hottest fashions' auction pulled. THEN, a few days later, he came back as luxurious fashions and did the same thing. At that point, sandias auction had dropped out of the completed listings. Luckily Katel had included the number.

    So, armed with sandias original auction number, AND hottest fashions first auction number, we were able to bust luxurious fashions in a hot second!!!

    It was this incident that got me thinking that perhaps if we had a thread keeping track of these things, we could really bust them quickly!

    Sandias auctions are particularly at risk, and she has taken steps to change this...but in the meantime, obviously there are plenty of photos left to steal until the changeover to watermarked is complete. and she is not the only victim.

    In this thread we can keep track of these things. Item numbers and an attachment of the photo (not just a link) will really help!!!
  8. OH OKAY!! Thank you! God, I'm dumb sometimes. :p
  9. no, youre not...i just use a lot of words sometimes (taught to type by nuns, sometimes I get carried away!!!)
  10. Fantastic. Thanks for reviving this thread. I hope your situation will be resolved soon.
  11. I'm watermarking like C R A Z Y now!