The Bust like/dislike thread

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  1. Ok, so over the weekend I went to Fredrick's of Hollywood to finally get fitted for a bra. I've had 3 children, nursed them all the most recent being twins that are now 1 year old. I figured it was high time that I went in and got my actual bra size and be properly measured.

    Well, I had thought that I had lost some of my boobage, so I went in got measured, and before she even put the tape around me she said "I can tell you're about a DD-E cup already without measuring you". The most I had ever been was a C cup before the kids so naturally I was :shocked:.

    So she measured me and told me I should be wearing a 40F-G!


    Don't get me wrong, i love my size. However, the pain that my neck and back go through now kills me! It's strange I've actually gone up in sizes with children as opposed to going down!
  2. send some over my way!!!! I'm a 34F (all implant though...) but what I wouldnt give for real ones!
    I went in to get fitted at FoH but wasnt impressed. I ended up getting fitted at Nordstroms and Intimacy and had a much more accurate read. sorry for your back pain though, if it gets worse enough, i'm sure you'd have a medical reason for a reduction that insurance would cover.
  3. I am not impressed with FOH bras and think the bigger your cup/chest is the better bra you need. My 3 friends work in lingerie dept. or stores and they are always talking bras and which works and doesn't work.
    They recommend Prima Donna as the best bra for a large cup. They are expensive but will save your back. I myself have tried them and LOVE these bras and try to find them on sale. I used to do a web search for sale Prima Donna bras. I like LeMystere but find the straps dig in by the end of the day. Wacoal has some great bras. My neighbor bought some bras from Lane Bryant that are really nice and very well made.
    I think with a larget chest one can not wear cheap bras that are not well made or offer support. My friends say 90% of the women buying bras are wearing the wrong size and will fight that they are not a bigger size in the band or cup. They deal with people refusing to buy a proper fitting bra all day long. is a good site for bras, they have a great store in NY too.
  4. I swear by Chantelle, Freya and Aubade for bra brands. they are on the pricey side ($75+) but provide great support
  5. I'm a natural D and hate it! What I would give to be a B again! *sigh*
  6. I've never bothered being fitted. An AA is too big for me!

  7. Why? I have 36f and If I dont want to drag them on the floor in a few years I will have to have some sort of lift surgery, they are just too heavy to stay perky and dont even start me on the backache and posture problems. Enjoy your trouble free implants, girl!
  8. I'm 28F and I swear by Freya! The bras aren't cheap though. However they offer a lot of support (the quality is excellent too) and the only company that makes bras with large cup size with small band size. I totally wish I was like a 28B - even though I'm 28F, I don't have back or shoulder issues. The irony is my younger sister who's a 34A has the back and shoulder problems!!! lol
  9. Well, I'm a 32A ( I swear, one of them is an A-) & such is life. :P 10/15 years ago before I started running, I was in the C family, but being pear-shaped, when I took up running seriously 'the girls' were the first thing to go! LOL! When I put on a sports bra, I'm flat as a pancake! I know tween girls who have more boobage than I do!

  10. I agree, love Freya:smile:
  11. I'm a 32B and it is what it is. Sometimes I think some of the things I wear would work better if I had a slightly "fuller" chest, but I don't so I work with what I've got. Also, ladies with larger chests who are having back pain, if you are considering a breast reduction do it. I have quite a few friends who have had this surgery and are so grateful for it, they all seriously reduced the back and neck pain they had.
  12. Me too! I wear VS bras and Change bras.
  13. Is this a thread for any type of like/ or dislike?..natural or implant?
    Well I thought I would never say this but I am disliking my chest..and its a purchased chest mind you...I went from and A to a 34C...and when I got "them" I weighed about 105/5'2..small frame...but have since gained 15 lbs..quit smoking 4 years ago..and slowly gained it..trying to make it go away now..:amuse: which it turn has made them alittle bigger.
    Anyway..I disliked having nothing and remember it quite well how I didn't fill out tops,etc.. but wished I would have gotten a very full B and left it at that. Its very hard to fit tops and such. I know I shouldn't complain...and I'm not really..I just think they are sometimes overrated a bit.. and that's just my personal humble opinion after getting them done.
    I remember my doc saying that when people get them done..after..they always wish they went bigger..I think I must be the only person ..who wishes for
  14. lol klj,
    i know what you mean about regrets afterwards. i wish i had gone BIGGER! crazy right....but as it is now i have a hard time finding tops/dresses that fit as i am a 10 on the bottom and 12/14ish on top so I'm having to have a lot of things tailored. sometimes i'm like WTF then I realize...wait, this is my own doing lol.
  15. I honestly don't know what size I am. Depends on the bra. Sometimes 34B, sometimes 34C. And various places have measured and told me different sizes. So when I buy bras, I buy based on what feels right.