The Burberry checks - what are their official names?

  1. Hi,

    so far I found five different names for the diverse Burberry patterns:

    - Haymarket Check (the classic one with the knight)
    - House Check (the classic one without knight)
    - Nova Check (the newer, bigger one, mostly on a lighter background)
    - Super Nova Check (even bigger than Nova Check, on a small leather good you usually have only a diagonal stripe and not a whole check)
    - Explode check (same as Super Nova Check)
    Are these the official names?

    And what about the colours? I know beige, tan, light beige, caramel, camel, white. Does anyone have the colour codes to identify the colours correctly?

    Regina ;)
  2. sounds right except I thought the first one was equestrian check ?
  3. Equestrian... sounds good! Better than "Haymarket". Maybe they have different names for the same check?
  4. I'd love to know about the colors too! So far I've seen the beigey ones described as camel, trench and medium beige. Trench being slightly lighter than camel. Medium beige was how Nordstrom's descrribed the camel color and that's what it said on their tag. I was at Burberry's today and the SA juts kind of shrugged when I asked the name of the color and said it's their "standard" one. What the heck? I give up.
  5. Out of curiousity did trench replaced nova? I saw it at Burberry and seems that the beige is labeled trench. I see no nova.
  6. "Trench" is just the name for a certain tone of beige, I think whereas "Nova" indicates the check, so a Nova Check could have the colour tan, caramel or Trench...
    This is somewhat complicated...

    Regina :confused1:
  7. Thanks. Darn, I should have bought that trench cashmere scarf then. The checks looked nova. Nowadays I see lots of labels marked trench which I haven't before, though I've been out of the Burberry craze for quite some time now and slowly getting back into it. :smile: