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  1. Necro, OMG that's Gorgeous Green!! What brand is it? Can we get it here in the US? Are those your nails? WOW!!

    I have a lot of glitter nail polishes from Butter London... Hard to come off!

    Yea, the acetone is killer... but I try not to get it on me often...
  2. OMG i was just saying how i made my 3000th post, now look lol
  4. hehehe page 4 already
  5. man when i go on my trip i will have 3 tpf free weeks (i dont know how i will cope) gl to me trying to catch up on all the posts when i get back lol
  6. i wonder what page we will be on this time 2moro???

  7. Yes, I definitely will.
  8. Page 4!!

    Yes, when I get a chance to take the photos with my cell phone and learn to post - I will definitely post the photos!

    Thank goodness I haven't run into the quality issues that these newer bags are experiencing. I think they are isolated incidents or else we'd have a lot of people on here complaining... but thank goodness its only a few! :biggrin:

    The one advantage you'll have Em, is that you'll be there personally to Inspect your bag inside and out!! No loose stitches or nicks in the leather!! You'll be able to go over the bags with a fine tooth comb! I think you'll be fine! We just need to see if your Black comes w/ red interior!! :biggrin:
  9. Em, it'll probably be page 215 the way we're all going. [​IMG]
  10. I don't have any Chanel bags. *sniff*
  11. I'm a poor working class gal. I really do need to win Lotto or something so I can get all the delicious bags I want.
  12. OH, my classic is a size Medium... It's one of the "smaller" ones...

    I know!! the post counts keeps going up with each *Strut* LOL!! :lol:

    I wear a labcoat so I don't worry about my clothes too much.
  13. I've noticed the strut posts. I think I missed the posts about all of that. Typical of me, really.
  14. Em, what shoes do you like to strut in?
  15. Necro, you have gorgeous bags!! :biggrin: They're classic and gorgy!! :biggrin:

    Yea, winning the lotto would be fantastic!

    What's the largest amount the lotto reached there in Down under!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.