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  1. i am working 2moro, i can wear what ever nail polish i want but i dont think i have a green ploish :nuts: all i can find is red, pink and purple
  2. OK, green glitter nails it is. It's the only really green green I have. The other two green polishes I have aren't true's pastel green and another's a muted green.
  3. What sort of work do you do, Em? That's great they're not fussy on things like what NP you wear.
  4. :p

    thanks Yeli, i want the black with red so fingers crossed they are still making it. i love the look of lamb skin but everyone said i should get caviar because its stronger ;)
  5. What Chanels do you have Yeli???
  6. Em, Lucky!! You can wear anything! :biggrin:

    I'm a medical researcher so my hands are always either in gloves or exposed to Acetone/alcohol... so I have a hard time keeping my polish on!

    Necro, but even then so... after all the acetone - I still have glitter on my nails! It really is hard to come off! Grrrr!
  7. This is the green I'll be putting on tonight. (These were my Xmas nails, but it's a nice green and it'll be fine for St Paddy's Day)
  8. Gawd, acetone would play havoc on your nails, yeliab.
  9. OMG page 3
  10. OMG acetone :nuts:

    wow pretty
  11. *strut*
  12. Necro, you have to post your green glitter tom on the beauty thread!! :biggrin:

    Em, I have the classic flap in Black caviar with silver hardware... then I have the black cavair medallion tote, Black caviar tote with GHW, then a white python shoulder bag,... several other pieces... I'll take a photo soon! :biggrin:
  13. come on page 4
  14. Oh cool, you have heaps. Have you had any issues with quality??? im just getting a little scared after reading all these threads lol

    BTW what size is your classic flap???
  15. you must post pics Yeli, i would love to see your collection
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.