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  1. Em, the Chanel is just one item on your list? :biggrin: What colour... black? Red?

  2. *strut* lalalalala *strut* lalalalala
  3. La alalalalala!!
  4. page 2 already?
  5. Yay, go girls.
  6. St Paddy's Day tomorrow's. I think I'm going to paint my nails with a green glitter.

  7. yep the chanel is only one item on my list of 14 things i must get on my trip lol

    i would LOVE a red chanel but not sure if i will find one so im thinking black but Pink thinks they are not making the red inside the black flaps anymoe *sob*

    Pink will ask her sa for me 2moro :nuts:
  8. But glitter's such a b!tch to remove.
  9. brb...
  10. :nuts:


    green hey??? now thats an idea :graucho:

  11. ita
  12. Are you working tomorrow, Em? If you are, can you wear green nails to work?

  13. ttys
  14. I wish I had some shamrock nail stickers. I had some a few years ago and they were super cute.
  15. Necro... YES, glitter is sooo hard!! but it's so Nice on!! Green glitter?

    Em, Oh the Black with the Red interior is NICE!! Hope they still do make it! That was a classic combo!! We'll wait w/ you ... Wait for Pink tom. for the news!! :nuts:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.