The bumbag is here!

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  1. got it in switzerland. it was on hold but the lady didn‘t pick it up so the SA gave it to me I guess I was really lucky
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  2. Ah you were lucky indeed :smile:
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  3. Love my bum bag! It’s starting to Patina quite nicely. I love dark patina! [​IMG]
  4. It looks great on you! I haven’t worn mine since it’s been raining so much here.
    Great photo:smile:
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  5. Thank you all that vachetta is definitely not rain friendly. We get so much rain here in Tennessee too! I hate not being able to wear bags because of rain. Enjoy yours!
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  6. Ugh! Well we could wear it under our coats I guess:smile:
    Hopefully Spring will be here soon enough with less rain.
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