The bumbag is here!

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  1. Debating over this one or the hot pink Gucci one (bigger size). I like them both but haven’t tried either of them yet. Thoughts?
  2. Finally, join the club:yahoo:
    Me n bumbag!
    Have a great day:loveeyes: 20181228_130346.jpg
  3. So cute! Congratulations!:heart:
  4. Finally got mine!
  5. Congratulations! Such a fun bag:smile:
  6. Ugh I didn’t know this was such hard to find. For those who just got one, did you order it way in advance or just got lucky in the store?
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  7. I got lucky bc of the LV boutique had moved to the new location they put more merchandises .
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  8. I was on the waiting list for more than 6 months and it was canceled. Luckily, it popped up on line. Try stalking the website.
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  9. Anyone have their bumbag for awhile? How is your vachetta looking? I got one during the holidays, and I love it, but so nervous about how that vachetta might look after it’s worn for awhile...
  10. I just saw it pop up online to get mine. Just keep refreshing the page:smile:
    Good luck!
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  11. Thanks for the advise! But our country doesn’t have a website. :sad: And my SA basically said orders are closed and they haven’t received any new stock for a long time. So I’m thinking maybe the pink and red one from the geant line???
  12. Oh, I’m sorry to hear that:sad:
    Well, I hope you get one:heart: I do like the pink one too!
    You could purchase from Fashionphile- they have the prices marked up, but they are discounting them a little , I noticed.
  13. got it during my last vacation - loooooove it[​IMG]
  14. Just curious, but which country were you able to get it in? It’s been unavailable in Europe for the last 6 months so I was only able to get my hands on one stateside.