The bumbag is here!

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  1. I love mine!!!

  2. im so sad I'm waitlisted for this :sad: I hope i get one before christmas :sad:
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  3. If anyone's in toronto, flagship store at bloor has one left!
    I checked yorkdale and they had a 100+ person waiting list which probably takes a year and Saks lv had 10+ and they said it will be at least a 9 month wait
  4. There are 17! on Fashionphile, if that is an option for you...Good luck!
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  6. As of today, 20 of them...
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  7. 8F0D963B-094B-4712-80B7-C13476AB8252.png D7B57BB5-1EAA-4743-A858-4298FBB786ED.png I’ve found mine yesterday. Can’t wait when the leather is turned patina
  8. Wow! That looks AMAZING on you!
    Love the little chain:heart:
    I agree, I love the patina so much! Leave it by the window when you’re not using it for faster patina:smile:
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  10. I am getting mine today:smile:
    Where did you get the chain? I forgot to ask you before:smile:
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  11. They have been showing up randomly on the US website!
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  12. I have this chain for a long time now . I’m sure you can find it on second hand market . :smile:
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  13. Great! Thank you!
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  14. I got mine when they were first available for pre-order on the LV website. I have yet to wear it but I will soon.
    The Bumbag has been available for immediate purchase on the US website since Christmas Eve. It is there today. No need to buy at an inflated price from Fashionphile or any resale site.
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