The bumbag is here!

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  1. What do you all think? IMG_2908.jpg
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  2. I think not. :P
  3. Honestly they never looked good on me when I was younger! Don’t think this style will flatter me now! LOL!!
  4. I actually am intrigued by it. I love anything hands free and feel like I could fit a lot in this bag. But I’m waiting for it to reach production and see some photos of people wearing it and how they style it before I decide if I’d be interested in it. For that price there are a lot of other timeless bags higher up on my wishlist for now...
  5. I would definitely need to see it in action before forming an opinion, but I do think that some people can rock bags like these. I was just at the mall and saw this girl (maybe 16) with a plain black fanny pack and it didn't look bad on her at all.
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  6. It’s on the LV site. $1500 USD. I like the idea of hands free too. And it’s bigger. They say you can use as shoulder bag too. I just think so much more than other nice ones like Gucci. Hmmmm
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  7. LV price is really going up, such a small little simple (slightly ugly too in my opinion) thing for $1500? I would buy speedy b before this one.
  8. I like belt bags (especially for their functionality) but not when it looks too much like a fanny pack.
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  9. Preordered one on Thurs. Not the fanny/bum bag type, but was intrigued when the associate on the phone confirmed it could be carried different ways. Remains to be seen if this 50 yr old can pull it off!
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  11. My honest thoughts are this is a waste of money. If I ever saw a regular person wearing this I’d think they were trying to look like a celebrity.....because this is pretty ridiculous looking. And only celebrities with lots of money to waste can afford to look ridiculous like that.

    (Sorry if this is sounding harsh. For some reason all my posts today have been critical, I don’t know why!)

    I also have known these as fanny packs. I guess bum bag is a more elegant way of calling it a fanny pack? because “bum” is another way of saying “fanny”?
  12. I can't believe LV produced these. I don't think there will be high demand for it, but I'm assuming they did their research beforehand and have numbers to support manufacturing.

    I guess bumbag is a modern name for fannypack.
  13. Not a fan.
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  14. I think these are as ugly now as they were in the 80-90s. Regardless of what material they're made from. And $1500? :eek:
  15. Word.
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