The Bubbles Ring

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  1. I just saw it today IRL and tried it on and I really like it, it's really cute! :nuts:

    The SA told me it was $135?! That can't be right...isn't it...something like $150 USD??? :shrugs:

    Anyways, I really wanted to buy it but boyfriend didn't approve. He said the ring looked too "stubby" and I do agree with him that it looks like I simply stuck a pair of studs between my fingers...and (at least) $135...for about $40 more I can buy a mini lin cles which is much more practical.

    It was super comfortable...I tried on the lightest colour, so if anyone in Canada is interested, Calgary HR LV has a few of those in stock!
  2. I wanna see it irl too!
  3. I was just reading about the designer, Camille Miceli, in Harper's Baazar and she said that no fewer then 3 or 4 should be worn together. I wonder how comfortable that is but they are super cute!
  4. It says Replica on the link, so fake:yucky: :yucky: :yucky: Are you spamming or just not aware that LV is only sold at and new and authentic?
  5. i saw the bubbles rings the other day at the store, and they ARE very cute, and different. i like the earrings hehe
  6. looks like another spammer. all her posts are about eluxury replica :yucky:
    WRONG forum tsktsktsk
  7. Oh, I have bubble rings...and I wear 3 of them together. They are super cute and very comfortable.
  8. We saw the bubble earrings, rings, and bracelets last night at the scottsdale boutique. I prefer the inclusion line, which they were right next to. They are pretty, but too delicate for me.
  9. will they be on elux?
  10. swanky you should get rid of this person. Spammer!!!!!

    Has been posting messages all over the forum to his counterfeit website!!!
  11. Are the rings $130.00 or $135.00? The bracelets are $150.00 I think?
  12. Ohhhh RIGHT! The bracelet is $150, the ring is $130! (In USD, in Canada, it's $135...which means we got an awesome exchange rate!)

    I'd loveee to be able to wear 3-4 at once (but too many to buy!) but it'd probably go all the way up to my knuckle and that'd be so uncomfortable.

    Mannn...I really want to buy one still...hmmm...
  13. Buy it like it, and like I say, you'd be wearing it, not him. I wear stuff my bf doesn't like all the time, it's not a big deal.
    I can't WAIT for my Bubbles ring..I'm getting the dark pink one.
  14. ooh! did you see the bracelets there? i have to go down today and pick some stuff up....ahh! i have to stay away from the accessories!

  15. ITA...the inclusion stuff was HOT!!:yes: