The Bubbles Line Jewelry Club ~

  1. Don't know if there is a thread about this jewelry/accessories line..but, here are my 2 Bubbles items. Light Pink & Raspberry Rings.

    I love these, they are so dainty and unique and cute.



  2. Yay those are the ones I have! Pics will follow in a minute :yes:
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Woot! we rock! I know someone else has something Bubbles "coughcoughLulucough"....jooooin ussss muwhahaha! :devil: :sneaky:
  5. Hehe I know! I know for sure that she has earrings :yes:
  6. missL has a bubbles ring too I believe, and wintotty have all three! :nuts:
    I wanted to buy one but my bf and my SA wouldn't let
  7. Looove those rings girls!
  8. Ooh awesome! They must post them!! LV needs to expand this line and make a bracelet out of like 100 of them lil balls all twinkling and bunched in a fantasy of...balls. lol. I'd so buy that. :wlae:

    They didn't let you karman? lol.....awww....that's when you KNOW you are addicted, when your SA says stop! (your bf should buy it for you! lol) :whistle:

    & Thx Nola! :heart:
  9. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the honourable mention karman :shame: . I'm surprised the SA wouldn't let you, wouldn't they be the enablers in this case? :graucho:
  11. Anyways, here is mine:


    I would love to see pics of tPF-ers with the bracelet, that would be amazing!
  12. These are mine!
    IMG_0850.jpg IMG_0852.jpg
  13. When you put two men together...and have them watch me look at stuff at LV, there's really not much you can buy!

    Boyfriend: noo...they look so weird, like little stubs sticking out between your fingers
    SA: Karman these are so weird...not worth it. I'm not one of those evil SAs that will tell you to buy everything!
    Me: but...but...
    Boyfriend: don't do it or else...
    (later, online) SA: I wanted him to save money for that engagement ring for you!
    Me: ENGAGEMENT? Yeah, right, I'm only 18! Besides, I was going to pay for it myself!
    SA: You're only 18????? :wtf:

    Oh wellllll
  14. Sorry I can't get a good shot for the life of me but here is my earrings...

  15. Hubby just got me into this club with my mommy's day present. Bubble earrings in the Rasberry and pink color combo. Will try to post some pics tomorrow. Soooo excited to wear them tomorrow!!!