the brown stork delivered my OP Gioco!

  1. and my OP Bambinone
    i had to hold back from eating the Gioco!!!
    bambinone front.jpg bambinone back.jpg gioco front.jpg gioco back.jpg eating my bag.jpg
  2. Extremely cute ^__^
  3. OMG you have the obsolute most perfect print placement on the front of that gioco. Congrats
  4. Congrats! Say, does your Gioco comes with the LeSportsac tag?
  5. AHHH they're LOVELY!! Great placements for both of them!! And dont eat your bag!! LOL just :drool: over it :p

    This makes me even MORE excited for my OP bambinone to come in..!!! THE BROWN STORK DIDNT COME TO MY HOUSE YET!!! lol Hopefully today or tmrw..

    **Edit** Awww I guess it'll have to be tmrw at the earliest.. the stork is in Ontario, CA at the moment :p
  6. OMG your OP bambinone and gioco are sooo cuuute!! I :heart: them!!! congrats :tup:
  7. you're cute, miss mitzzz!
  8. venaca, i was extremely lucky.

    pinkpeony, yes it does come with the tag. wait, do you mean the price tag? or black tags? either way, they come with both.;)

    thanks tokidokiangel! 24 bags? that's a lot of lettuce!

    Miss :biggrin:ana, thanks! i never liked the original print till i got the bella bella! aw, i hate waiting for the brown stork, i check my tracking every day until it arrives. i even turn off the ceiling fan to listen for foot steps. i am retarded!
  9. p.s. thanks maya for putting that OP Bella Bella up on eBay sometime ago.:nogood: i looooooooove the original print now. this smiley face is listed as "nogood", but it looks more like that one guy on the chapelle show. the skit where john mayer plays in the barber shop. the dood wearing the fuzzy hat doing the robot. uhhhyeah.
  10. Uh huh Dana, let's hope and pray for tomorrow lol.
  11. The price tag ; just wondering coz mine doesn't come with it.
  12. hmm...that's weird...maybe they didn't put the tags on because you guys already ordered it and it didnt even make it onto the floor? lolz.
  13. I have no idea why either .. my Gioco was the last piece though .. if woah dinasour's bag has a tag, I think maybe mine came off during packing or something.
  14. Congrats on your new purses! They look phenomenal!! I agree with the other girls, the print placement is so perfect!
  15. You talking to me? If you are, umm thanks? LOL.