The brown glazed calfskin on new modern chain e/w tote is GORGEOUS, but--

  1. she is going back. It is just too big on me. I think I would like a n/s, but the e/w just sticks out too much on the sides and looks kind of ridiculous on me. The leather is so, so fine, though!
  2. I love that bag! But, it is a big bag.

    Definitely try the n/s style. You'll probably like that much better.
  3. can you possible post a pic?
  4. I'd love to see a pic before you send it back!
  5. Yes, takes pictures before sending it back. :yes:
  6. Pretty Please.......:cutesy:
  7. Ohhh, please do post a pic... I'm a huge brown bag lover and I'm dying to see a picture of this bag! :smile:
  8. I tried it a Chanel store and it is gigantic.
  9. Oh... I'd love to see this tote bag... please post a pict before you send her bag ;)
  10. the brown is getting alot of interest. :smile:
  11. this bag looks better hand held or around your elbow i think.
  12. Minal: You should look into the brown expandable. It's a chocolate brown and looks gorgeous w/the expandable leather.
  13. Hi Jenn! :smile: Ahh, so many choices! :p :confused1: I'm actually really loving your N/S black MC tote at the moment!! :heart: I've always liked that line actually, but never bought anything from it. I'm considering selling my black Caviar and Pony tote to help fund it (it sometimes bothers me that the bottom is wide and therefore doesn't "squish" against my body nicely), but I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do. :smile: I just want one black, edgy Chanel tote... which describes the MC line perfectly IMO. :smile: Did you happen to see the brown N/S by any chance? Do you know if the brown is a dark chocolate brown? Hmm... maybe I will check out the brown expandable haha... I'll have to see if the NM I shop at is expecting it in anytime soon. :smile: Ohh, and how are you liking your matte gold flap btw? You were my bagspiration for that hehe. ;) I used mine for a party recently, and I couldn't stop staring at it haha (I think I posted that somewhere in the Action thread). :smile:

  14. Hi Minal!
    I haven't seen the brown MC tote IRL, but my SA said that it's more of a true brown. I'll have to stop by the boutique and see if they brown MC bags have arrived yet. The brown expandable is a true chocolate brown and it's gorgeous. I'm LOVING my matte gold flap. I'm so glad that I decided to keep her. LOL, bagspiration! I haven't had much time to browse the forum lately, but I'm definitely going to check out the action thread for your pics. LMK what you decide.
  15. Hi girls--I'll try to post some pics this weekend before I send her back!