*The* (Britney in OK) interview scans are here...

  1. Wow, as far as I'm concerned it's bad enough. That's not going to help her if Kfed tries to get custody of those boys... Yikes
  2. Totally disappointing, I heard the pics were worse than her behavior, I guess they chose not to share those! I read somewhere her eyes were rolling back in her head, etc. that is what I thought they were publishing. At any rate her behavior alone is horrifying. Get some help girl!
  3. I think they just want to sell out and are making a sensation. Nobody really knows what happend at the shoot.
  4. Ok here are ALL the scans... won't let me edit my first post...

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    credit: jjboard

    AND here's an exerpt from YESTERDAY, a day before the images "leaked". OK have gone a bit too far, non? All she did was "borrow" clothes from the photoshoot, which as far as I know, everybody and their mother does (anybody remember the controversy about JLo "borrowing" socks from the LV shot? now that was fun)

  5. I have a feeling something bad is going to happen, she seems to be heading down I dont know what she will do but it will be bad
  6. I hope she gets help before another ANS repeat is announced. I am sure this will also help Kevin with full custody of those innocent babies. I pray for Britney!
  7. I think if they did that, Britney would be filing a nice hefty lawsuit. I do believe this article. Sadly.
  8. She IS a train wreck, but clearly OK! hyped up their dish to sell more mags.
  9. I'm sorry but I have to say that if all that is true - who the hell does she think she is!???

    I don't care how "big" somebody is there is absolutely no need and no excuse for rude behaviour and theft. Manners do not cost a thing but it seems that more and more celebs are forgetting that they were ever taught any!!!!!

    I personally wish that she would just go away!
  10. Two words. Trailer Trash.

    What a flippin' no class hilljack!
  11. Maybe you're right... It's sad though. But that's what happens when everything come too early or when you're surrounded with wrong kind of people. The same thing is happening with Lindsay now. I think they're really done.
  12. Honestly, someone needs to get those kids out of there! Both parents are unsuitable.
  13. Hopefully, they are safe with a nannie or two.....we can only hope someone in their right mind is raising those kids!
  14. I was completely disappointed. Totally not what I expected...