The British WAGs Get Their Claws Out !

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    Miss Sumber puts her hand over her rival's face during a clash

    Their multi-millionaire men are opponents on the football pitch. And now the girlfriend of England star Stewart Downing has transferred that rivalry to the High Street - by clashing with the partner of Chelsea player Michael Essien in a television programme where they run competing fashion stores.

    The feud - which flared up in a tussle on a bus and a face-to-face row in the studio - will be featured on ITV show WAGs' Boutique, in which two teams of real-life footballers' wives try to sell more clothes than their rivals. Michaela Henderson-Thynne, who dates Middlesbrough player Downing and was a member of the notorious WAGs - wives and girlfriends - at last summer's World Cup in Germany, has repeatedly rowed with former glamour model Cassie Sumner, the girlfriend of £70,000-a-week Essien.

    Miss Sumner, 24, who once claimed to have shared intimate moments with Prince Harry in a nightclub, fled in tears after Miss Henderson-Thynne, 21, branded her 'rude' and lacking 'respect'.

    Their battle began on a bus journey to prepare their shops near Carnaby Street in London's West End after Miss Henderson-Thynne, a law student, claimed she had arranged a meeting with fashion icon Vivienne Westwood.
    When Miss Sumner was sceptical, her foe told her: "You'll be eating your words Cassie, I swear."

    But Miss Sumner hit back, saying: "At least I've got some words. Are you really a law student or what? I really would never think you was."
    The ex-model added, cattily: "You don't know anything about Vivienne Westwood. How can you stock something you have no bloody knowledge about."
    She leaned over the seat in the bus and put her hand over her rival's face, saying: "Back in your face."
    Asked about the row by presenter June Sarpong, Miss Henderson-Thynne said: "If I'd have had Cassie on my team I would probably have killed her by now."
    The two women stood face to face, jabbing their fingers in the air at each other in the studio.

    They were separated by their team-mates and Miss Sumner fled in tears. Sources say the pair now barely exchange words.
    When the shops open, the pair will be working next door to each other. The two teams will design each shop, choose stock and run their accounts. They have 13 weeks to make the most money.
    The other WAGs include Madeleine Bowden, girlfriend of Arsenal's Justin Hoyte, and Krystell Sidwell, wife of Reading's Steven Sidwell

    • VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Watch the WAGs catfight in a 10-minute preview of the ITV show by clicking here :rolleyes:

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    The wags are funny, they're are sooooo competitive with one another - who looks the best etc - the show will make great viewing!
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