The bright side of my recent break in... replacement BV!

  1. Congrats! Very happy for you! Enjoy!
  2. So happy for you. Congrats!!
  3. What a beautiful rainbow!
  4. Very pretty together, especially love that gorgeous Fire Opal tote!
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    Oh there was some attitude all right! Very angry, very sad, then some sort of malaise. But I tell you working with State Farm was terrific and it's made the later part of this ordeal so easy. They gave me full price current retail value for the tote, wallet, case and key case even though I had receipts that showed I paid pre-price increase/eBay/overstock/blue fly prices. With my iPhone they gave me the non-contract price for a 4 even though I had a 3GS. They gave me 90% for my iPad but said I could submit a receipt for the difference and get that. And when I did, they saw the cover I bought and paid for that as well.

    This tote was a find! I was looking for the Steel one again and looked internationally. I thought Browns in England might have one (but they called the color light bown) and the exchange rate was high. Then Farfetch had this one and it was on sale and I thought "oooooh, let's give it a go." While I do miss the Steel tote, this color is really happy.
  6. Love the pink bag~!!
  7. Hope that soon the whole unpleasant incident will be a distant memory and your wonderful new additions are step in the right direction!
  8. What a great rebuilding - so, so pretty (& i'm sort of loving State Farm for you - wow!)
  9. Lovely. You have some beautiful new bags that are so fun and summery.
  10. Congrats on your new BV goodies - love the pops of color in your new collection! :smile:
  11. Very Lovely choices. I'm glad your incident had a happy ending!
  12. Thanks for the happy update. You made excellent choices for your replacements! I love color.
  13. I read your original post about the break in a while ago and I felt so much sympathy for you. So glad this story has a somewhat happy ending! Your bags look like a spring garden in bloom sitting all together.
  14. congrats to you're replacements! :smile:
  15. Sad you lost things in the first place, but this is such a happy reveal - beautiful!!!!