The Brief

  1. Has any body seen the Brief that is due to come out spring '07? If so what is the dimensions on it. Is it a lot bigger from the work or weekender. I am trying to debate If should just wait to buy it.
  2. nope, never seen it.
    but if it's bigger than a weekender, i'm sure interested to see it :P

    any pics?
  3. dunno if that helps a lot but theres a picture of a white brief on
    guess you can roughly figure out the dimensions from it,
    I think this bag is gorgeous,the leather looks so thick, soft and yummy, somehow reminds me of the muse, but I tend to go more for "horizontal" bags than "vertical" ones if u see what i mean
  4. I am going to Paris in November and will visit the mother ship then. I'm hoping I can scope out/sniff out some info when I'm there!
  5. hey Roo if you`re staying in Paris I'd also recommend u go to department stores Printemps and le Bon Marche and also in Maria Luisa that's a very cool designer shop, sometimes they have other stuff and I find the SAs usually nicer
  6. Thanks Olfa. I plan to hit them all. I speak enough French to get by so I find that the SAs are usually quite nice for that reason. Le Bon Marche is my fave store ever in Paris and I go there every time I'm in the city. In fact my husband groans when he hears the name of that store because I always do a lot of damage when I'm in there. :P
  7. good to hear I'm not the only one then!, u're right Le Bon Marche has the best dpt store selection since its massive transformation 4 years ago or sthg, in any case enjoy! I don't know where u live but I guess the prices will be a bit cheaper too! also IM wondering with the brief being part of this big harware ltd edition, they might sell them at Colette before, but I dont know whats Balenciaga's policy on that one
  8. Is the brief only coming with the big gold hardware?
  9. that's exactly what I'm wondering too... anyone know more??
  10. ughhh...i decided to sit balenciaga out for the fall and they come out with that monstrosity for the spring...that big gold hardware....its just not in my taste....woe is me woe is me.....i hope the new greens are pretty, though...