The Bridge To Terebithia

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  1. OK..Just got back from this movie with my daughters gifted class from School..I have never cried so much in a movie in ALL MY LIFE.ROFL!!!
    WOW..My daughter was required to read this book for class and said it was a tear jerker..BUT I HAD NO CLUE!!!
    You expect a mythical harry Potter adventure.Instead you get a tale of 2 kids who befriend each other and use their imagination to create their own world of happiness.I wont spoil the ending..But its a MUST SEE movie.Its beautiful but incredibly sad.
  2. I loved the book as a kid and really wanted to see this... looks like you highly recommend it!!!!!!

    Vlad doesn't know it, but we are going to see it this week!!! :amuse:
  3. ^DUDE..dont tell him what happens..LOL....Taylors daddy said if he knew how sad it was ..he NEVER would have gone.....not a guys kinda movie..LMAO!
  4. I read the book in my Children's Literature class and loved it. I don't think the movie follows the book, from what I'm told.
    Thanks for giving me the heads'up on the tearjerker part. I cry easily and get tired of crying, so I will avoid it.
  5. We just came back from seeing it. Glad I got the heads up from Jill. Wow, it was such a sad, but very good movie.
  6. This was my favorite book as a kid and I still reread it every few years. I just went with the twins class to see it. Sad but I love the themes it presents.