The bride wore Hermes

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  1. French president Nicolas Sarkozy weds former model !

    The wedding took place in the Elysée Palace and lasted 11 minutes.
    The bride, Carla Bruni - an italian heiress and a former model who dated Eric clapton, Mck Jagger and Donal Trump - wore a white and dark blue hermes dress. "She was ravishing" said the 8th arrondissement mayor that performed the wedding...

    I wish I could see the dress...but, alas, no photographer were there...

    Well, now I know the our Première Dame has some taste...
  2. You think so, I agree re the dress, but not sure about her new hubby

    Makes me want to barf seeing the loved up couple in the press, something does not ring right.
    And this is the man who has, to control france and the present situation in Chad.

  3. I'd love to see the pictures!!! How wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing.
  4. This guy is amazing! You have to read the profile on him in Vanity Fair from several months ago. He makes Rudi Guiliani's marital history look tame! I love the fact that Carla was a big squeeze of Mick Jagger and gave Jerry Hall many sleepless nights.
  5. Would love to see a pic :search:
  6. Pics Pics. Someone find some pics please.
  7. M. Sarkozy has a very tight relationship w/ the publisher of Paris Match so it would not surprise me if a few choice pics show up in an exclusive in the next edition or two. Will keep my eye out for one and post it if it comes across my desk.

  8. Pics!!
  9. Oh fantastic V - would love to see the Paris Match spread when you get it :nuts:
  10. Hooray, there will be tons of pictures in the months to come!!!!!