The Brad & Angelina Thread, With Updated Pics & Articles

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    The gorgeous Jolie-Pitt family (sans Maddox) was spotted outside of their $3.75 million home in New Orleans over the weekend.

    While 9-month-old Shiloh was content with taking in the sights during their family stroll, 2-year-old sister Zahara opted to get her snack on with a bag of Original Miss Vickie's.
  2. Dont they all look so cute ?
  3. OMG they're adorable!!!! BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!!
  4. Yes, they do look great together!
  5. Sooo adorable :biggrin:
  6. super beautiful family

    off topic - does anyone know what make this stroller is? I have seen a similar one used by Liv Tyler the other day and I love these..... TIA
  7. ahhhh... SO CUTE! makes me smile every time i see pics of Brad, Angelina and their children.
  8. beautiful family
  9. a fabulous family!
  10. It is great seeing them out and about. I bet Maddox was at school. I love to see celebs acting down to earth and spending time with the family!! I love them!!!!!!!!!
  11. so adorable, i always love to see this beautiful family... miss maddox
  12. Sooo cute! Thanks for the pics.
  13. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw love it that they spend time with their kids!
  14. A family is a wonderful thing!
  15. Those babies are adorable!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.