The Boys Did Some Shopping!!

  1. I think I am getting something Coach for Mother's Day. One of my sons was coming in the house and I noticed him trying to hide the fact that he had a Coach shopping bag in his hand. My other son saw him and purposely spilled his water on the kitchen floor so I would be distracted! LOL I didn't let on that I saw anything but the bag looks too big for a gift certificate. I wonder what they came up with? I had told my husband that if they asked what to get me he could suggest getting a Coach gift certificate and I would use it in June. I am really curious and excited! They are both out now and I am fighting the urge to go DUST! :angel:
  2. One of these days the men will learn to hide things in the trunk like we do....
  3. You are so right. A woman would think "Mom is in the house and she will recognize this bag!" and then hide it in the trunk of the car. I love the men in my life but they just don't always connect the dots!
  4. aww that's so sweet!
  5. Or at a friend's house. :biggrin:
  6. Oh dear honey, go dust ! I am so bad every year I go "dusting" and go on a search and destroy mission to find the Christmas gifts hubby has hidden . I always find them, always. I just don't like surprises. I have even unwrapped my gifts and then wrapped them back up, he never knows !
  7. NO...don't dust. My son and husband did the same thing once. It was real sweet; I still have and used my wristlet from my son. Which I found out later from my DH that my son paid for it with his own birthday gift money. Mother's Day is tomorrow!
  8. UPDATE: I am being very good! I didn't even go and peek to see what size the box is! My sons are braver than my DH who hates to buy anything at the Coach store by himself. He much rather take me into the store and let me choose. I guess he feels "ignorant" when it comes to handbags. Camera equipment he understands but as far as he is concerned, all purses look alike!:confused1:
  9. Yes, resist the urge to peek. I love it when all of my boys get together to buy me something special!

    It's Mother's Day today in Australia and I got a sweet little pink bag (it's more a lipstick case in the shape of a bag) from my son Jesse (5). He bought it at the Mother's Day stall they had at his school. He said, "I've heard you wanting a bag Mummy so I got you this one."
    DH also drew a picture of a bag in my Mother's Day card and wrote 'Carly' on it to remind me that my Carly is coming!
  10. I still have all the sweet little gifts my boys got or made me when they were small. I will always cherish them. Even the ugly jewelry ( a BULL on a chain!) they bought at the gift fair at school. I wore those things and they were so proud to see them on me. Those were the days!! :girlsigh:
  11. Your boys sound delightful - they've had good role models no doubt. I'm sure your day tomorrow will be very special. And BTW, your kitty is very cute too.
  12. Yeah, I was at the Coach outlet in Leesburg today and it was full of people. there was even a guy there with at least four pink hamptons handbags! I wish he could have taken me home!
  13. That's so sweet. Out of curiosity, how old are your sons? :smile:
  14. So what did you get?
  15. My boys are actually in their 20's so I guess they are really my men. LOL They got me a pair of black Posey sunglasses! How cool is that!! I love the posies and pink crystals on the frames. Too cute! :tender: My DH bought me the denim Legacy slim envelope wallet and denim Barrett sneakers. I am quite the denim doll now!:wlae:
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