The Boy Frenzy Continues!

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  1. Many of you probably know how BOY OBSESSED I have become! I had high hopes for this Spring with all of the metallic patents Boys, but found that my color shy self just couldn't get comfortable with so much BRIGHT color. I have to keep to SLGs or WOCS for my pops of color. I have been thinking about this Boy since last fall, but hesitated on the price tag. I was hoping it would go on sale this Fall, but it didn't. I still couldn't get it out of my mind. So, when NM had triple points I went for it! It is the pre-fall 2012 crystal glitter Boy. I love it! It doesn't look like much sitting on a shelf. In fact, it looks sort of a like a messy kid's painting project! But, when worn, it sparkles like crazy in the light. Almost like little gems all over it! I still wish I had gotten it on sale, but I love it and it is amazing and unique so I am very happy!

    I also picked up the new Boy WOC in gold. I am waiting to see the black and silver before I make a final decision, but the gold is really pretty and subtle, a sort of champagne tone. Chanel has re-packaged the WOCs and they now come in a new box and a velvet pouch for a dust cover. It is really nice packaging!

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  2. More pics

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  3. And with a few outfit options

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  4. Oh my! That glitter boy is EVERYTHING!! Congrats! I love the boy woc too! The gold is spectacular
  5. Congrats on your amazing sparkling new boys! What a great time to jump on this glitter bag with triple points! It must look incredible in the lights! The boy WOC is stunning in gold. Beautiful buys as always!
  6. Breath taking. That glitter Boy is so handsome. Both are amazing. Congrats :smile:
  7. Both are gorgeous! Congrats!
  8. Thanks! I am happy I finally pulled the trigger and bought it. It is stunning IRL!
  9. *FAINTS* Amazing Boys! I think you made the right choice buying the crystal glitter Boy because you couldn't stop thinking about him all this time, and at least you got triple points! The gold Boy WOC is gorgeous. I know you're waiting to see the black & silver, but the gold is :loveeyes: Your modeling shots are great, they both look fab on you!
  10. Looks fabulous!! Congrats!!
  11. Thanks! I was SO hoping the glitter Boy would be on sale, but it wasn't so I had to take advantage of triple points! None of the brights worked for me so this was the best consolation prize!
  12. Congrats, they are very special.
  13. Thanks! I LOVE the glitter Boy! It looks like a mess up close, but it is gorgeous IRL!
  14. Thanks!
  15. Thanks! The giltter Boy never left my mind. I know I would kick myself if I didn't get it, so I finally did and couldn't be happier!

    The gold WOC is beautiful, I just want to see the others to be sure I pick the one I will use the most. It is a gorgeous subtle gold and very wearable.