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  1. Has anyone seen the new style boybag from kl's shortfilm "my new friend boy" (it's the bag on alice dellal's desk)? It has the more classic cc closure which i was told is not turnlock but snap closure. The shape is more square. Chanel boutiques in us said they did not order in small size. I do not know if there is a medium size. Would love to know if department stores in us ordered the smaller sizes. Thank you.
  2. how come some boy flaps have a bigger and noticeable CC on the closure but some is just a tiny cc inside the circle on the front. is it a seasonal thing?

  3. Are you referring to the CCs on a plate opposed to the CCs on the classic flaps? Have you seen these anywhere IRL?
  4. correct me if i'm wrong....the QUILTED boy bags have the bigger CC, the non quilted plain ones have the tiny CC inside circle.
  5. Ive noticed the same thing, it's seems to be so!
  6. The tiny cc from past season ... The new released or soon to be released is the big cc ( including the quilted) . That was my SA told me.
  7. Thanks! Thats what I was wondering about. So the quilted ones have the larger cc. Are they seasonal? Is it available in stores now? And are they the same prices?
  8. Has anybody seen a medium messenger at there boutique's? I'm looking to get one for my mom for her birthday!
  9. I need these!! Wanting them so bad! They make my mouth water!!! New from SS/12 collection!
    image-3537277212.png image-111605180.png
  10. Wow they sure are beautiful!!
  11. try check Houston Chanel boutique, last month Kiet sent me picture of that white messenger but in black. Tell him Betty referred you. He might have it.
  12. Hi! Do you know when these are coming out and what stores? I like the grey one!
  13. My mom told me her SA said beginning to mid April!
  14. Which stores? Thanks!
  15. Yes, from what I've seen just looking around, seems like the quilted ones have the larger cc. Alotta ppl are waiting on the quilted boy bags that are coming soon...I am not sure when? But they are more expensive than the non quilted ones. The 2 tone colored ones are more expensive too. I don't know exactly how much more expensive but if you look back on this page, I think the info is scattered around. :cool:
Thread Status:
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