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  1. I agree!!! The real question for me is the size. The small quilted is really cute but a bit too small to fit everything in. I haven't tried on the large but it seems to be the more practical choice. :girlsigh:
  2. There's a metallic pink quilted as well. It's gorgeous with the right amount of pink. :love: The small quilted will be $3,700 and the large will be $4,500. :wtf: :sad: I can't wait to see the grey or black as well!!
    Minnie, can you tell me what you can fit in yours?
  3. That's my dream combo!!! :smile: I was looking so hard for it, but couldn't find one. Congrats on the lovely bag!!! :smile:
  4. Well, I got a chance to try on the large and medium size. The medium look the best on me. But it holds very little, for me :smile:. I had an LV zippy wallet with me and that wallet already took half of the space. But it look the best on me.

    The large can fit a lot more. LV zippy wallet, kindle keyboard, small makeup bag, small and very slim notebook and a pen, plus some more little space, but it look very boxy on me.
  5. Share some photos of boy flaps from Paris-Bombay Collection with you.



  6. Totally agree!!
  7. I really want the large! Where did you try them on?
  8. bluekit, mine can fit chanel compact camelia wallet, lv cles and car key, cell phone, and couple lipstick. those pretty much I put inside my medium classic flap too. so i will say capacity same as medium flap. The strap of boy flap is also longer than medium flap , that's what I like. :smile:
    The medium size looks chic and cute, the large one is practical. i have some jumbo flaps and 227 bag, so i pick medium boy flap this time.

  9. I've been debating to get the medium black one or the medium black and white one. I love all the boy bag collection the grey and black one is very nice too I never seen it before!!! is the medium one still $2900? or it went up already? I hope my local boutique still has them :sad:
  10. Chanel boutique in Bangkok.
  11. is this a small? Is there a medium of this style? I love the color!! Nice bag!!
  12. Thanks for the info on the large. :flowers: I tried on the lilac/lavender patent non quilted in the large but unsure if the large quilted will be the same size. The large lavender patent did look a little too boxy on me but I am hoping that 1) the quilting and 2) a more subtle color (non patent) will lessen the boxy look.

    Thanks minnie! :flowers: It sounds like what I could fit in a m/l classic flap as well, which is not much. But I do like the size. :smile:
  13. The 2 tone colors now already went up to $3200 pretax for medium which is compatible to medium classic flap . I doubt there still $2900 price around. the price might go up again for the quilted ones. seems like right now every time new shipment go up ;( ... crazy, I know!

  14. Yeah, the size is very cute. .the bigger flap is nice too but when I tried, just little too boxy for me.

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