The Box/Twiggy - Ink

  1. Does anyone know whether this should come with a strap? I just bought one at Barney's but it didn't come with a strap - did I get cheated?:yahoo:
  2. Welcome Chloer!

    The box and twiggy are two different styles, but in all likelihood you have a twiggy (since the box is discontinued).

    And yes, it should come with a shoulder strap.

    I could contact the SA and see if they can locate/replace it.

    Good luck!
  3. do the mini twiggys come with a strap as well? thanks!:confused1: CHLOER
  4. ps - i bought it for 995 if that helps :shrugs: <chloer minus 995>
  5. $995 would be the box I believe, but it should still have the strap.
  6. my ink box has a strap so yes it should. did you not get one?
  7. Definately contact the store and tell them - don't leave it too late!
  8. Oh go back to get your strap then if it suppose to have one1
  9. :yes:
    Yep, all 3...Box, Mini-Twiggy, and Twiggy come with shoulder straps!
  10. i didn't! arghst! but i will call my SA at Barneys at find one. what a bad day. bad, bad day. thanks for y'alls help.
  11. I hope they will locate it!! INK is stunning and a box - you are so lucky - the MUST find the strap for you!!