The Box - Can you pls post pics

  1. Balenciaga box owners can you pls post pics, im planning to get the box as my third bbag :tender: but im not sure how it would look carried... tia
  2. Here's my box in ink
  3. forthelove, thanks i love it :love: do you use the strap ? can the handle fit on the shoulder?
  4. FORTHELUVOFBAGS- it's great to finally see a picture of something carrying this style! It looks great on you.
  5. Thank you all! I haven't used it yet so I'm not sure that I'd use the strap and the handles can't fit over my shoulder. Maybe on a smaller person?? Just ordered a purse for that reason.
  6. Hi FORTHELUVOFBAGS - I'm wondering if you would be so kind and take a pic and post here on this thread of you wearing the strap on your shoulder to see how it might look. I have yet to see a pic of someone using the strap with their Box. :shrugs: I understand the general consensus is most people prefer to wear the Box without the strap. TIA
  7. I will do it tonight and post. Curious what you all think.
  8. i tried on the box and it really does look odd with the strap. on me, it caused the bag to tip to its side. my bf totally grimaced when he saw it! lol :lol:

    it's very cute as a handheld or worn in the crook on the arm though!
  9. I've got a few photos of my Magenta Box here:

    Totally recommend the Box size, it's brilliant and whilst I love the City, I find that you have to hunt/dig around more in the City since it's deeper.
  10. OK great and thank you.

  11. Thank you Beverly! :flowers:

    I like your collection of bags; they're so bright, cheerful and pretty. Your post is appreciated. :smile:
  12. Brilliant, Beverly! What a great way to show your bags!
  13. Hi jennifer - Would you please elaborate on the above^ "the bag to tip to its side"? I'm having difficulty envisioning what this means. :huh: TIA
  14. layla, the bag slouched so that both of the handles were to one side. it was weird... maybe it hangs differently when it is holding things though.
  15. Beverly I LOVE your collection. That Sky Blue City is Calling my name!