The Box..anyone have a problem with

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  1. the piping at all?? I LOVE LOVE this style and want to snag one if possible before they are all gone. I never buy bags w/ piping because I hate the way they wear but I love this bag so much. Is the leather pretty durable or do you have to be REALLY careful?? I don't own a bbag yet..TIA
  2. I have had one for awhile, and have had no problems what so ever. And I am not the bags first owner. Here is a photo of my 4 bags, all 05's...Bubblegum Pink City, Teal City, Magenta Box, and Turq Twiggy. I only bought my first about 3 months ago, so beware! They are quite addicting! Let us know what you choose, and share photos too! Good luck!

  3. i have 2 box style -one in ink ,the other in caramel and love them verymuch ,they feel just right
  4. The leather is sooo soft, you just want to touch it and hold it.
  5. Thanks everyone..I think I will order one today in truffle..woo hoo I am so excited..
  6. i just got mine today but I just LOVE the size of the box. it's a perfect purse size for me, not too big, not too small...go for it, you'll love it..
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