The "Bowling" League

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  1. Calling all bowling and mini-bowling owners!!!! Let's show off our "strikes"!!:yahoo:
  2. Hooray! I got my black minibowling in the mail yesterday! :yahoo:It is insanely wonderful! I will post pics soon. I love how it holds so much but isn't giant. It's such a great style!
  3. I got this Grenat Mini-Bowl for a great price from NM Sale. Love the color & leather.
  4. Rouge vif mini bowling.
    redpic6.jpg redpic4.jpg
  5. Super cute, Kitten! LOVE IT and your new hair color!!:graucho:
  6. Perfect style and color combo, Kitten! It looks smashing on you.
  7. Ooh!! I'm looking forward to more pics please! :yes:

    I :heart: the Bowling style!
  8. How pretty!!!!
  9. I'm so excited, I FINALLY get to join this club! My mini bowling bag (in gorgeous cafe!) should be arriving by the end of this week! :yahoo:

  10. ^^ yay, congrats girl, you'll love it!!!

    p.s. i really need to post my black mini here too :heart:
  11. Yes PLEASE do post that baby! I was just thinking that the mini would be DIVINE in black!!!

    And thanks for the congrats, 'Bama. :heart: I can't wait to receive my new beauty! I hope you're doing well, girl. Hugs!
  12. My '06 Rouge VIF bowling. It has since been broken in and the leather is really TDF. It's my 2nd bbag and still loving every bit of it. :love:

  13. Old thread, but I love my BI Bowling :heart::love:
    bowl1.jpg bowl2.jpg bowl3.jpg
  14. i :love: your bowling bags! :girlsigh:
  15. Oooo that BI is so pretty!