The Bourget Bag in Balck Epi

  1. Seen this bag today in IRL, love it.. classy bag! (opps, typo, Black!) hi hi
    bourget.JPG SNC10111.JPG
  2. I totally love, love this bag!!!!!!!!!!

    Dang...where is that money tree!!!!!!!!!!
  3. its gorgeous, i would love to see what it looks like in ivoire!
  4. Looks like a good work bag! Too bad I don't work a job that allows me to bring nice bags to work :sad:
  5. don't like it
  6. very cute bag for work. :heart:
  7. does anyone know the price for this bag?
  8. Extremely classy!
  9. I like it!
  10. GBP 740.00 in the UK
  11. Very nice- looks like it'd make a great briefcase!
  12. Bigger version... (for men?)
    bourget men.JPG
  13. I saw the gigantic luggage version, I don't like it :sad: but the actual purse size is cute :smile:
  14. Its a little boxy for my taste but still its nice.
  15. nice- but not for me. u- yes!!