The Bounty Hunter - Duane 'Dog' Chapman - Campaign To Drop Charges Started

  1. June 19, 2007
    The Bounty Hunter - Duane 'Dog' Chapman - Campaign To Drop Charges Started

    Remove Warrants from Duane "Dog" Chapman & Family!

    Popular Duane 'Dog' Chapman petition for Condi Rice!

  2. It seems unfair to send him back to Mexico where it is almost certain he would be in danger. The justice system is puzzling for sure because wasn't the guy he arrested there a rapist and socialite?
  3. I completely agree. I believe he was a convicted sex offender! And I think he wasn't just a rapist but a pedo too.

    I love Dog and his family! I watch them all the time.
  4. Same here !
  5. ^ and the heir to Max Factor the make up company
  6. Yep he is the hair to max factor.

    I cannot believe this all started up again because a US Marshal Wrote Kidnapping on the Paper work in stead of deprivation of liberty, when Beth went to bails Duane, Leland and Tim out she was handed the wanted posters and they had kidnapping on instead. The marshal told her i put kidnapping incase people didn't know what it ment. if it wasn't for that he would not have to go through this. I t makes me so angry and sad.
  7. I watch Dog on TV all the time....they are such good people. I can't believe this is even happening. I think public outcry will stop it....they won't let them go to jail.
  8. Quick question:
    Did "Dog" have permission from the Mexican government to work in Mexico?
  9. ^^ they were told that if they had a mexican police officer present for the arrest it is ok, they had this and this is till happening. They aren't being tired for bounty hunting in mexico though it is from the deprivation of liberty towards Andrew Luster.
  10. Geez, the way I see it, Dog did Mexico a favor by catching that scumbag! Would they rather have perverts like Andrew Luster running around, threatening their women and children? I guess if the perverts have money, the answer is yes.
  11. I can't believe this is happening, I thought it was only the UK justice system that was pants, but it seems yours isn't that good either. How come they want to put Dog in jail but they keep letting Paris Hilton out????!

    I've signed the petitions.
  12. ^^ because unfortunatly it mexico doing all of this the USA are trying to keep in in America and trying to get mexico to drop the charges against Dog, Leland and Tim. What i feel is mexico is trying to set them up because they court him first there was a worldwide search for luster and they just happened to get to him first. Also i think it definatly had somthing to do with the money that luster was throwing about. It just really scares me what could happen to them while in prision they are three of the best bounty hunters out there.

    I really don't know what wrong with me latly after season 4 started over here in the UK i have been a mess worrying what might happen to them, whats so strange tho is i don't worry this much about people in my life let alone people who are on TV altho one I do hope to work with them. I am looking into actually becoming a lisecened Bail bondswomen / Bounty hunter but i don't think i would go mexico to catch somone I don't think i could hadle what there family is going through right know!! I do think they will pull through this though we all just have to think posotive and keep thinking he is going to win this case.

    LOL sorry I wrote so much LOL
  13. it's not the American system, it's Mexico.
    He's wanted in Mexico, not here.
  14. i love them too, and so does my mom! she turned me onto the show :p